How Shuttle Service Works


If you are looking to plan a trip up to the mountains, one of the most important parts of your trip will be your transportation. How will you get up to the mountains? There are, of course, a few different options, such as renting How DIA Shuttle Service Worksa car or having someone you know come to pick you up. However, renting a car may be quite expensive and will also require you driving the windy mountain roads, no matter what the weather. If you have someone you know come to pick you up, you are counting on them to not forget to come, and then there is always the chance that they may have to drive in inclement weather. If you would like to avoid spending an arm and a leg to come up to the mountains, and to not have to bother a friend you should definitely consider a Peak 1 Express mountain shuttle. Now there are definitely a few points to consider when booking a shuttle, and you should be aware of how a shuttle works.

Shuttle Service Steps:

  • Schedule shuttle service
  • Prepare for your shuttle
  • Take DIA shuttle service to or from the airport

Scheduling your Shuttle

Shuttles can be booked online or by phone at 855-GO-PEAK1.  When making your mountain shuttle reservation, you will want to be sure to remember to have your flight information. Whether you are scheduling to be picked up or dropped off at Denver International Airport, Peak 1 Express will want to be sure to schedule you with enough time to make your flight, or your scheduled shuttle pick-up. There will be other passengers booked for shuttle pick-ups so it is very important to give yourself enough time to be prepared for your traveling. Typically it does take 90 minutes to make a flight, in addition to the time it takes to travel down from the mountains. If you are travelling from Summit County to DIA, you will want to plan on being picked up a minimum of three hours before your flight. If you are scheduling to be picked up from the airport you will need to plan on having at least 45 minutes from landing to making your scheduled pick up. Fortunately, our online reservation system already has these times built in, so you can simply enter the time of your flight – the system will generate the best pick-up time for your plans.

Before your Shuttle

If you have booked your shuttle with Peak 1 Express, and you are planning on traveling to the airport you may count on a courtesy call or email to remind you of your scheduled pick-up. During this time we will review your pick-up location, and the time of the pick-up. If you have any changes in your flight, or where you need to be picked up from please notify our office immediately so that we can get you on the most appropriate shuttle. You will want to be sure that Peak 1 Express has an adequate phone number and email address for you so that we are able to reach you. The courtesy reminder may be expected the night before your scheduled pick-up. If you are planning to be picked up from the airport you may not receive a courtesy call from our office. However, if you find that you have any questions you are always more than welcome to contact our office where we will have our friendly staff available to answer any last minute questions you may have.

Taking The Shuttle From Summit County

The day of your pick-up, please ready and at your pick-up location  at least 5 minutes early. You will want to be sure that you have all of your bags and that you are ready to board the shuttle in a timely manner. (Find out more about Peak 1 luggage accommodations.) Our friendly drivers will be sure to give you a courtesy call if they have arrived at the meeting place and they are unable to locate you. It is very important that you provide a phone number when you make your reservation so our drivers will be able to contact you. Once you have been picked up and you are comfortably situated in the shuttle, the driver will head to pick up additional guests from their locations. Our door-to-door service is a great option for those who would like to not have to travel to the transfer stations. After all guests have been picked up from their specific locations the shuttle will depart Summit County. On your trip down to the airport you may relax and read a book, or listen to your music. Some guests even find it convenient to take a nap before their flight, as our shuttle service is non-stop between Summit County and DIA. When you arrive at the airport, the shuttle driver will unload your luggage from the shuttle. You will not have to travel far to check your luggage at the ticket counter, and curbside check-in is available for many airlines.

How DIA Shuttle Service Works

If you have scheduled DIA shuttle service to pick you up from the airport you will want to be sure to give yourself enough time to grab a quick bite to eat at one of the many delicious places to eat, or to pick up a quick souvenir. You may also want to go to the bathroom as you will be on the shuttle until you are taken to your scheduled drop off.  It will be important to exit out the sliding glass doors that say 515 in white numbers with a blue circle. You will then need to cross the drop-off lane and arrive at the second island where there is a sign that says “Mountain Carriers” at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. Your shuttle driver will give you a courtesy call if you are not at the island by the time that all of the other guests have arrived to the pick-up. Your friendly Colorado shuttle driver will be more than happy to load your luggage onto our shuttle for you as well. Once everyone has boarded the shuttle you may relax and take in the views of Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Once your shuttle has arrived in the mountains the driver will begin dropping passengers off by location, and will help in unloading your luggage.