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A ski vacation can rack up some bills if you don’t plan ahead.  Between renting ski equipment, lodging, transportation, and your lift passes, you’ll do yourself a favor by booking all aspects of your vacation a few months in advance.  Here are some ways to save money when you plan ahead for your holiday ski vacation.

1. Pick the Right Time to Ski

If you really want to save money on your next holiday ski vacation, then stay home for the holidays and book a trip in the early season or in the spring.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, spring break, and weekends are more expensive.  In fact, Breckenridge Ski Resort is offering 30% off lodging if you book for a weekday.

2. Book Early-Airline Tickets, Shuttles, Hotel Rooms, Etc.

Airline tickets, airport transportation, and hotel room prices all fluctuate and rise as we get closer and closer to the season.  When planning your holiday ski vacation be sure to book early.   

3. Use Flight Comparison Sites

Flight comparison sites should be some of the first places you look for the most affordable flights to Colorado this winter.  There are plenty of promotions going on across airlines as well.  You could also figure out what airline you would most likely take from your home town to Denver and sign up for promotional emails to never miss a deal.

Good comparison site options:

  1. Kayak
  2. Google Flights
  3. Expedia

2. Minimize Baggage Fees-Airline Credit Cards, Airlines that Waives Baggage Fees, or Opting to Rent

Baggage fees can get quite expensive when you need to tote around your ski gear on a flight.  To save money, you can try using your airline credit card, opt for an airline that waives some baggage fees, or leave your ski gear at home.

  • Airline Credit Cards: Consider flying with an airline that you already have a credit card for.  Even if you don’t have one yourself, maybe a family member or close friend does that could help you book your flights and maximize the potential for deals and perks.  Heads up: Delta Skymiles American Express Cards allow you and eight other companions to check a bag for free – that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Airlines That Waive Baggage Fees: If you don’t have an airline credit card, opt for an airline that waives baggage fees.  Southwest Airlines allows two free checked bags per flier as long as the weight does not exceed 50lbs.
  • Opt to Rent Your Ski Gear: If baggage is too much for you, look into renting your ski gear instead of bringing it with you.

Ski Colorado

3. Figure Out Transit Options

Instead of having to rent a large SUV to accommodate your whole crew and all the luggage, consider renting a shared shuttle or private transportation to get you to your mountain town destination.

4. Avoid Parking Fees in Ski Towns

Parking at hotels/resorts and ski parking can stack up a good chunk of money on your trip.  Most of the time while staying in a ski town you’ll have plenty of transportation options throughout town and all you’ll have to worry about is getting there initially.

Mountain Transportation Options

  • Shuttles: Peak 1 Express offers many options to get you from the airport to the door of the hotel or AirBnB you might be staying at.  Whether you are interested in a shared shuttle or a charter service, Peak 1 Express has you covered in the Summit and Eagle County areas. 
  • Public Transit: Many ski towns in Colorado offer free public transit options so you can get around town without a rental vehicle. Copper Mountain offers a free shuttle service for guests and homeowners at the resort.
  • Carpool: If you have to drive, a few Colorado ski resorts such as Breckenridge Ski Resort offer discounted parking if you carpool. 

5. Avoid Extra Expenses

Another way to save money by planning ahead is avoiding extra expenses.  Slopeside amenities tend to be more pricey.  Avoid slopeside restaurants and coffee shops by packing your own snacks and grabbing a coffee on the way to the slopes.  It’s also going to be more expensive to rent your ski gear at the base of the mountain.  Most rental shops on the outskirts of ski towns will offer the best deals and even sometimes delivery of your gear.

6. Don’t Stay on the Slope

Ski resort towns have a higher cost of living and lodging will be more expensive.  In fact, if you stay at a ski resort, you may incur resort fees . Staying at a hotel or vacation rental in the town over or away from the ski village will provide you with cost savings on your holiday ski vacation.  Check back on the public transportation options of each ski resort and make sure your hotel or lodging area is serviced to make getting to the slopes a breeze.

Winter in Breckenridge Colorado

7. Buy in Bulk

If you are going on an extended ski vacation, purchasing more will result in savings. Opt for multi-day lift tickets instead of singles. Purchasing multi-day lift tickets can lower your cost by 10-20% depending on the ski resort you’re skiing at. If you’re considering taking ski lessons during your ski vacation, consider looking for bulk ski lesson packages to save money.

8. Snag Discounted – or Even Free – Lift Tickets

When planning your holiday ski vacation, make sure to snag discounted, or potentially free, lift tickets.  While prices on lift tickets vary depending on the resort you are skiing at, many ski resorts offer Kids Ski Free discounts, multi-day passes, and ski-and-stay packages.  Additionally, make sure to look around locally because gas stations and local shops might sell lift tickets for less than the cost of a ski resort.  Going earlier or later in the season will also result in $10 – $40 in savings.  A great resource to check for discounted lift tickets is Liftopia.  This year may look a little different, but it’s worth a shot!

9. Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel can be unpredictable with inclement weather, natural disasters, flight delays, cancellations, or family emergencies.  While it may be an additional cost, purchasing travel insurance will help you save money if extenuating circumstances disrupt your ski trip.

To get your transportation services solidified, reach out to Peak 1 Express today.  Our shared shuttles and private charter services start November 6th, 2020.  We’re excited to have you!