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Winter vacations in the mountains can truly be a dream. However, adding up the costs involved can be a nightmare. The good news is that you have come across a local Rocky Mountain resident who is willing to share the top tips on how to save money when visiting Colorado for a vacation.


The number one tip for saving money of your mountain shuttle is booking early. It is that easy. As soon as you book your flight, the very next thing you should do is book your shuttle. The earlier you book the less likely the prices will have gone up. Ready to book now, don’t wait – you will not regret it!

It is also nice to space out those vacation purchases, so by the time you get here all that nitty gritty work is done.


When you book far out in advance, it is a great time to ask for a discount or a deal. You are much more likely to get a deal when your trip is not for a couple of months than when you call the day before your plane lands. Just like airlines, shuttle prices fluctuate and they are more likely to go on sale when you are far out from your trip. Always check the deals page before you book! 

It never hurts to ask!


This is different than a discount on a shuttle, but there are specific shuttle drop of locations that are cheaper than the door to door drop off on a shared shuttle. If you are staying close to these central drop offs or have a friend or relative that can pick you up, well you can save between $10 – $20 on each leg of your shuttle. Check out all of the discount shuttle options! 


Pro tip – These central drop off locations tend to be the first drop off for reach town. Routes are always subject to change but if you are looking to be the first off your shuttle then this may be a good option.


Yes, rental cars can be awesome when you’re looking to get to the mountains. However, if there’s a snow storm did you know you need an all-wheel drive and chains or snow tires on that vehicle? Did you know you’re driving over a pass that reaches 11,013 feet in elevation! Which means snow and possible ice conditions. Also, did you know you really don’t drive around in mountain towns. We have free bus and you have to pay a premium to park that car. Those low daily rates really don’t seem so low when you start to add the gas pricing into the picture either. So.. Turns out a ride is a way better savings for the wallet and the drive in general.

Texting and Driving

Let’s face it, we come to the mountains to escape stress not create more.

So, for a lower cost than a rental, let’s look at what we get! We get to relax read a book, even sleep on our way to the mountains. Shuttles also have free WIFI, so when the kids want to watch a movie guess who’s NOT paying the extra usage fee’s, you, that’s who. You don’t have to worry about trying to find your hotel in the middle of the night. Our drivers will take you right to your door!


When you book a private shuttle, it is a flat rate, and if you can fill or almost fill that private shuttle then not only will each person pay less, but you can also choose exactly what time you get picked up. You can also stop outside of the resort you are heading to and get your skis. This can save you up to $20 a day and on your last day on the mountain you can still drop them off right at the base. This is a locals trick that we save for those riders that we really like. That money you just saved on ski rentals could pay for its shuttle.

Mountain Shuttle

Let a trained professional, take you and your loved ones through the Rockies.


The best way to save money and a head ache is to take a safe and reliable form on transportation from Denver to the mountains. If you haven’t driven in a Colorado Snow storm don’t start now. Families plan trips months in advance and mother nature plans her storms days in advance. Colorado requires all wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles with additional forms of traction. The fine for failure to abide by this law is rather high and not something you would want to start your vacation with. Be practical and book a shuttle. Shared shuttles help reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on traffic as well. So, you’re not only helping yourself you are helping this beautiful plant we call home.

Check out these winter driving tips if you are going to drive! 

Book your shuttle early and give our reservation specialist a call because they can have you find the best option for your travel needs and will make sure you can save money to spend on more fun aspects of your vacation!