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So, are you thinking of going down to Red Rocks this summer for the awesome music lineup or perhaps to check a movie on the rocks? Most likely the answer is yes! Have you thought about the different ways to get down there to enjoy the evening? Well here are a few options for getting to Red Rocks for Concerts and Shows.

1. Taxi’s

Taking a taxi is a great option for getting home from Red Rocks. We always recommend scheduling beforehand. The great thing about Taxi’s is they do not surge charge the way that Uber ane Lyft do when a location is very busy. As we all know, after a concert everyone will be calling Ubers at once.

Try Denver Yellow Cab Company for your next red rocks transportation. As we mentioned, always plan ahead with your taxi and make sure they will take you back to your designation after the concert.

2. Uber /Lyft

Your basic taxi may have a higher price than Uber or a Lyft, but they do not have surge pricing like latter so, it could end up being the same price either way. For the tech savvy millennial using uber or lyft and living in the Denver area is going to be a no brainer, just beware of those surges that happen once the show is over. If you don’t mind too much leaving a bit early could save you from those surge prices. For those in the mountains you can get lucky and catch and uber/lyft heading back down for a good price because the driver knows that they can make that up by driving around Denver on a busy night.

However, do not expect to be able to get an uber or lyft from Red Rocks back into the mountains after your show. There are very few drivers that are willing to make that trip ate at night, so make sure you plan ahead and do not get stranded at Red Rocks.

We highly recommend reading this red rock instructions document from Uber if you are going to go this route. There are very specific drop off and pick up locations for the drivers to help find the their passenger in a sea of drivers.

3. Party Bus or Limo

For the folks in mountains the main option is going to be arranging a shuttle for a large group of friends. You have the option to do a limo party bus if the occasion calls for and why not if you are looking to splurge for a night. Or you could choose one of the few school buses that have been retro fitted into a party bus, this option may not be as intimate because the seats are first come first serve, but never a bad idea none the less.

Here are the 10 best Party buses out of Denver for your next private transportation.

4. Private Shuttle

A great middle of the road option that is very reasonably priced is going to be getting a private SUV or Sprinter van depending on the size of the party. With the private shuttle, you will have a responsible diver who has been driving up and down the I-70 corridor all winter, so the summer should be a breeze. Also, the comfort of their best and nicest vehicles and of course you can enjoy your adult libations on the way down as well!

Learn more about private shuttles and this affordable and luxury option for your next red rocks concert.

If you know of a show or even just a night in Denver coming up now is the time to arrange those rides with the shuttle companies. With it still being the mud season all of the rates right now are extremely low and super affordable for medium to big sized groups. To check out some great private SUV and shuttle options be sure visit or call 855-GO-PEAK1.