What’s the Deal with Transfers & Tipping?

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When taking a shared shuttle, guests are grouped with other passengers that are looking to travel at that same time.  Whether you’re heading to the mountains in Colorado or back down to the Denver Airport, you won’t be the only group on the shuttle.  If your family stayed in Vail, another group hung out in Beaver Creek for the week, and the last couple took their vacation in East Vail, you don’t want to be sitting on the shuttle as the driver dashes around from location to location to pick everyone up before you head to the airport.  Some may land in Denver and hop on a shared shuttle thinking that they’ll arrive at their vacation rental’s front step just an hour later, but shared shuttles work a bit differently than you may presume.  Based on some recurring questions we hear from our guests, we want to highlight our services a bit more to better explain what to expect traveling with Peak 1 Express.


Based on the large area Peak 1 Express services, we will sometimes pick you up in one vehicle and have you switch to a second vehicle before arriving to your drop off location.  This is a transfer, and we do this to allow guests to reach their destination quicker.  Passengers will switch over to another shuttle once they get into the mountains instead of being hauled around to different locations to accommodate every other guest on board.  Because your fellow passengers may be headed different directions, transfer shuttles are waiting and ready to go to cut your travel time into a fraction of what it would be.  Transfers take only a few minutes and as your driver shifts everyone’s luggage to your new shuttle, you’ll get settled in and be back on the road before you know it.

The main goal of Peak 1 Express is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient transportation to the Rocky Mountains.  In order to succeed at this, transfer shuttles were brought into the picture with the comfort and satisfaction of our guests at the top of our mind.  If you book private transportation with Peak 1 Express, you eliminate the potential of having to transfer vehicles during your travels.


Tipping is not the standard in every culture and there is some confusion between industries on when tipping is appropriate and when it isn’t.  As a result, we receive a lot of questions regarding gratuity.

“Do we tip our driver?”

“How much do people usually tip?”

“If we transfer shuttles, do we tip both drivers?”

On average, guests tend to tip between 10% and 20% of the cost of their reservation.  If you transfer shuttles, consider tipping both drivers as they are both servicing you and strive to give you the best and most comfortable experience on the way to your destination.  Though tips are always appreciated and we hope our drivers have gone above and beyond to service their guests, it is entirely up to each passenger’s discretion if they want to tip their driver and how much to tip them.

We hope this clears things up and you are ready to have a great trip but please remember, our drivers are here to help. If you have any questions at all, whether it be about what to do when you arrive or what to expect on the ride, please ask your driver. We are here to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. Thank you for being our guest.