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If you’ve ever been to Breckenridge, Colorado, you know that traffic can get a bit congested in our little mountain town.  With only one main drag, and just a few side streets to avoid it, traveling becomes a huge hassle for people during the holidays and peak season.  The town of Breckenridge has come up with a clever solution to this problem: roundabouts.  With the town building their 3rd roundabout this past summer, talk has come up debating if roundabouts do more trouble than they do good.

First problem with roundabouts: pedestrians.  We love to walk around town, yes, but people can easily sneak up on you as you approach a roundabout.  Visibility isn’t as good as a normal road, so those on two feet need to be cautious of oncoming traffic.  The fact that each part of the roundabout contains a crosswalk doesn’t help the issue, either.

Second problem with roundabouts: some are TWO LANES.  It’s easy to be cruising through and drift into the other lane, but obviously wouldn’t be ideal with somebody driving next to you.  In towns like Breckenridge, there’s often icy and snowy winter conditions, so be sure to watch your speed as you approach the roundabout and stay in your lane.

We understand this may sound like a pain.  One roundabout is no big deal, but Breckenridge is home to a handful and they can easily become a headache.  Let Peak 1’s experience drivers worry about your transportation and take advantage of the free bus system in this ski town when you visit!  We’re currently running a door-to-door deal in Summit County for select dates.  With our door-to-door services, we’ll drop you off right at the front door of the hotel or vacation rental you’re staying at… no sweat.  Call our trip specialists at 855-GO-PEAK1 and mention “The Cheapness” deal for $59 door-to-door service in Summit County, knocked down to $51 for groups of three or more on certain dates throughout the winter!


*Featured image courtesy of MTJ Roundabout Engineering.