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Courtesy of Pixabay
Courtesy of Pixabay

It’s not uncommon to have obstacles pop up in your way during a vacation, such as where all to go/what all to do/when to do these things. Even if you thought you planned everything out, there’s always gotta be something trying to rain on your perfect paradise parade! As is the case more often than most places with Vail. That place is spectacularly beautiful. POSH! Go see it! You feel fancy just being there. But first, like I said, you should educate yourself on the parking availability in Vail.

Vail is very popular, but also quite compact. When those 2 factors are combined, parking in Vail becomes a bigger challenge. To combat this problem, Vail has implemented a number of parking garages around the area to encourage the influx of Colorado travelers to pursue a stay there.

There are ups and downs to each parking area in Vail. Basically it is a matter or distance or parking price. The parking lots that are free are located quite a ways away from any gondolas/ski lifts. However, you will be able to take the bus system to your desired lift or just to go into Vail Village.

vail_village_scene-fullThe parking structures that are located within walking distance of a lift or Vail Village will have a parking toll or may even require a parking pass. Those parking structures are nice in terms of distance convenience, but they are often full or almost full. Temporary parking ranges from $15-25 (the longer you’re parked the more cost-worthy it is).

I always say, “When there’s a will there’s a way”; but when you’re on vacation, you honestly just want one week of luxury where things are taken care of for you with no added obstacles, right? There are a number of people out there who feel this way about vacays. They’re the ones who buy a shuttle service and forget the trouble of lugging a car around, spending at least hour if not more finding a parking spot and then coordinating your group to your destination in Vail (they are also not paying $25 a day for a closer parking garage.)

The ones out of those people who did their research and chose a shuttle service instead usually go with one of the largest and most reputable shuttle companies out there, Peak 1 Express. However, just because Peak 1 Express has an outstanding reputation doesn’t mean their prices are high. Peak 1 Express, surprisingly enough, has the most affordable shuttle rates in the Vail area. If you’re worried about paying more money for shuttle service than renting a car plus parking, don’t worry. Using shuttle service will ultimately be cheaper for your group by the end of the trip and more convenient anyways. So, forget about using a personally operated vehicles, because, while in Vail, a combination of walking around (you can better enjoy the beauty of Vail that way anyways) and using public transit will be all the transportation you need!