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Summer time is among us and wedding season is in full force.  To most, weddings are all about fun, family, and sharing a special day with those they love.  However, even with a year or two of planning and a flexible budget, wedding days are often filled with last minute headaches.  Here are a few wedding-322034_1280blunders to watch out for during your nuptials celebration:
Not Having a Rain Plan:  Outdoor ceremonies make for great pictures.  However, even with a clear forecast, one should always have a backup plan.  Most venues offer a rain plan so be sure to ask your coordinator or wedding planner about adding these options to your package.
Having a Hangover the Morning Of:  The literal sense of a headache–a hangover–can be avoided by pacing yourself the night before.  Rehearsal dinners usually involve alcohol and it’s easy to get carried away celebrating with friends and family.  Remember that the real celebration will take place during the reception!  Keep yourself well hydrated the night before to avoid that morning-after red wine headache.
Not Having Transportation for Your Guests:  Some of your guests will be flying into town and staying at a local hotel.  They may assume you’ll be readily available to pick them up and drive them back and forth to the venue.  The consumption of alcohol may also pose a transportation issue.  These issues can easily be avoided by booking a transportation company for the entire day.  For all your high country transportation needs, contact Peak 1 Express at 855-GOPEAK1.  With airport transportation and custom wedding packages, Peak 1 has everything you need to get your guests safely to and from their destination.
bride-and-groom-768594_1280The most important thing to remember on your wedding is to savor the moment.  No matter how much planning you do, little blunders are bound to occur.  Don’t let the little headaches ruin the work you have put into your special day.