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coffee2-pixabayTo most, waking up and grabbing that fresh cuppa joe is a daily routine that is essential to life. Over 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day, which is about 146 billion cups of coffee per year by Americans alone. Wherever you find yourself, there is most likely a coffee shop luring you in by the robust familiar scent of freshly brewed deliciousness. Some of the best roasted coffee is located in the heart of Breckenridge, Colorado. So come check out some of our local favorites!

cuppajoeCuppa Joe
Cuppa Joe is a locals’ favorite for that morning boost. Joe, the owner and latte mastermind, has won competitions for her skills. The coffee isn’t all that makes this place great, however; their breakfast burritos are not to be missed!

Clint’s Bakery & Coffee House
If you are looking to try a new coffee shop that makes some of the best liquid energy, then check out Clint’s! It is located right in the middle of Main Street in downtown Breckenridge. It is known for its scrumptious breakfast food and homemade sweets. The best way to start off the day is to swing on by Clint’s, grab a bite to eat and a cup of joe before hitting the slopes!

Cool River
Cool River is also a well known local coffee/deli/bakery on South Main Street. It is located close to the base of peak 9, so come grab your java! Cool River is not only recognized for the coffee they brew but also for their famous blackberry, mocha chip smoothie. Don’t miss out!

the crownThe Crown
Looking for that local comfy hideaway, coffee shop? Then come on down to town and check out The Crown, Breckenridge’s own boozy coffee house. Not only is there a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere from the moment you walk in, but they serve a vast variety of unique drinks. So grab that cuppa of brew and sit back and relax in the comfy chairs next to the fire and enjoy yourself!

Mug Shot
Needing that fresh cup of coffee in the morning before you pick up ski rentals? Then Mug Shot is the place to go. There is nothing better than conquering two tasks at once, am I right? Both Mug Shot and Alpine Sports are located in the same building. This coffee shop brews Conscious Coffee, made from fair-trade beans with a well known reputation for their quality and savor.

There are many local favorite coffee shops located all around Breckenridge. Wherever you decide to grab that freshly roasted cuppa of joe in the morning, you will find yourself satisfied. If you are here for a couple of days, then why not check out a few of the local coffee shops and find out which one best suits your taste buds!