5 Things You Should Know About Flying into Denver Airport

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The Denver Airport serves over 53 million people a year, making it the 15th busiest airport in the world and the 5th busiest in the United States.  Here’s what you should know about flying into the Denver Airport.

1. Plan Ahead

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States, encompassing an area approximately the size of Manhattan. The airport is located an hour and a half from the mountains on a good day (no snow, weather, etc). If you are planning a trip up to the mountains, make sure your flight time corresponds with a shuttle time! Check out Peak 1 Express to see a full list of shuttle times and services.Denver Airport Colorado

2. Overnight Layover? No Problem!

Stranded in Denver for the night? Looking for a hotel just minutes from your terminal? Look no further than the Westin Denver Airport! The newly constructed Westin can accommodate all of your needs. This modern hotel is a great option for any business meetings or layover for leisure travel. The beautiful indoor pool, sleek design, and close proximity to Denver will help you forget you are staying at the airport.

3. The Train is Fast… Hold on Tight!

The Denver International Airport Automated Guideway System (quite a mouthful!) is the “people mover” of the airport. The railway system spans approximately 1.5 miles, servicing thousands of people everyday. The train fleet consists of 31 vehicles that hold a maximum of 100 passengers. The trains typically runs at 1.5 minute intervals during peak travel season (an 11 minute trip if you are traveling from concourse C to baggage claim).

Denver Airport Train

4. Only 45 minutes to Downtown Denver!

Conveniently located, the Denver Airport is a short 45 minute ride by taxi, Uber, or shuttle to downtown Denver. Make sure your Denver airport shuttle has a shuttle to and from the airport if you do not want to use an alternate form of transportation.

5. Rumor has it…

This airport is filled with history and secrets.  Since its grand opening in 1995, conspiracy theorists have been trying to convince travelers that the airport is the headquarters of a groups called the New World Order. The New World Order is a group of influential individual and country officials throughout the world whose primary goal is to take over to the world. It is thought that these individuals control the banks, militaries, and governments of the world. Conspirators believe the sole purpose of the group is to reduce the world’s population to 2 billion people in an attempt to better maintain the world.

Book a shuttle with Peak 1 Express for your transportation to the mountains once you land in Denver.  Whether your destination is in Summit County or Vail Valley, you can find a safe and reliable ride to the Rocky Mountains for your Colorado vacation.