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Going on vacation is always something to look forward to. Spending part of that vacation time at an airport does not seem to be the most exciting part of the trip. Little did we all know there are lots of options of things to do to entertain ourselves during those hours waiting for flights at Denver International Airport. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the fascinating Denver airport located in Colorado.

  • Denver International Airport is the largest airport by land area in the United States and is talked about all around the world due to the vast amount of public artwork located throughout the concourses.
  • The paintings and statues amongst the walls and hallways are definitely worth checking out. Take a stroll and absorb all of the outstanding things to see, all while surfing the internet with the free wifi to look up more interesting facts.
  • One topic that is frequently talked about is “Blue Mustang“. It is pretty hard to miss if you are driving into the airport but if by chance you missed it, Blucifer, as people have nicknamed it, is a thirty-two foot tall vibrant blue horse sculpture with glowing neon red eyes. That is meant to represent the “wild spirit” of the old American West and was created by Luis Jimenez.

Denver Airport Facts

DIA is a very hospitable environment and is also very proactive about creating procedures to minimize the operations negative affect on the environment. DIA is the only airport in the United States that has executed an ISO-14001, which is an environmental management system that strengthens the programs created to protect the environment.

Denver Airport Colorado

A new addition has been made to the south end of the Jeppesen Terminal. The Westin Hotel & Conference Center offers incredible views of the Rocky Mountains and cozy new rooms to accommodate travelers. A Commuter Rail Transit Center will be available in April of 2016 that will directly connect Denver Union Station to Denver International Airport.

Whether you are just passing through or just ending a busy day of traveling, take a look around and explore all that the Denver Airport has to offer. You will find yourself quite impressed. Don’t forget to call Peak 1 Express for your DIA shuttle service needs!