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planeWhen planning your ski vacation, it’s important to remember that when it comes to price, the earlier you book the better. There are all sorts of theories that booking your trip on a specific day of the week and times during the day will offer the cheapest airfare. The reported best time to book in the United States is Tuesday at 3pm eastern time or around midnight. The most expensive time to book a flight is rumored to be Friday at 3am, as airlines tend to drop their prices during the week but raise them before the weekend hits. 

For domestic flights, it’s best to buy your airline tickets between 3 months and 30 days prior to your anticipated departure. International flights take a bit more planning and tickets should be purchased between 5 ½ months and 1 ½ months before departure. June, July, August and right around the holidays in December are considered peak seasons for travel, so tickets should be purchased at least 2 months prior to your departure. 

blogSpanMany people like to hold off purchasing airline tickets in hopes of last minute booking deals and savings, but the opposite is actually true. As the date of travel gets closer, those flight rates tend to skyrocket and you will be left paying high prices for a flight that was previously much cheaper.  

When it gets right down to it, booking early is always the best option. However, changing your flight can cost you an additional couple hundred dollars, so it’s important to book only when you are set in stone on your destination, dates and time. 

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