Best Time to Book a DIA Shuttle 

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_94E2593Whether you are a local or just headed to the wonderful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, why not let a mountain shuttle give you a ride up the hill? Take the stress of the weather and traffic out of the equation as you enjoy a first class ride up to Summit and Eagle counties. Below you will find a few good tips that will not only enhance your travel, but make your entire trip so much more convenient.  

Check out Peak 1 Express, a local favorite shuttle company. This mountain shuttle company has an impressive fleet and gives you a top of the line travel option.  With its 14 passenger Black Mercedes vehicles, the comfort is second to none. Take this service as a door to door service, an affordable trip from the transfer station, or utilize it as an hourly service to cover all your travel needs. 

With all your vacation plans ready to go, it’s now time to book your shuttle. The best time to book a shuttle varies. 

_94E4220Look for Discounts 

Make sure to compare online deals through Facebook, local business and on the actual websites. Most shuttle companies will have discounts during the season. Also, don’t hesitate to call 855-GoPeak1 to ask the agent for any current deals. 

Book at Right Time 

In most vacation or resort towns, there are blackout dates. These days are days you cannot get discounts. It is very common in ski towns that these certain days offer zero discounts, so book ahead time. Common black out dates usually include 1 week before Christmas until the 3rd or 4th of January, Presidents Day Weekend in February, and 3 weeks in March during Spring Break.

Keep an eye out for these dates before you book. Most blackout dates you can see specifically on the websites. 

So book early and look for those deals to insure you the best and most affordable ride into the wild as you enjoy the Rockies at the best price!