10 Post Ski/ Snowboard Stretches To Make You Feel Great

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Most skiers and riders do not realize the importance of stretching after a long day of making turns on the mountain. These stretches will help you feel a lot better by taking away that post-ski soreness. Hold these stretches for 30-45 seconds each and you will feel like a new person coming off of the mountain whether you’re skiing Pali at Arapahoe Basin or making powder turns at Breckenridge.

  • Standing Straddle

Stand in a wide legged stance with your toes facing forward. Bend at the hips and grab your shins or the ground. You should feel relief in your calf muscles and hamstrings.

  • Standing Side Lunge

Stand in a wide-legged stance with your feet facing forward. Hinge at your hips and bend a knee forward. Keep your opposite knee straight. Alternate stretching legs until desired relief is achieved. This is great for your inner thighs.

  • Standing Quad Stretch

This is your typical joggers stretch but it is just as good after a long day on the mountain. Stand tall and press your heel into your rear end with the same hand as the leg you are stretching. do this with each leg to relieve tension in your quads.

  • Standing Chest Opener

Stand tall with feet hip distance apart. Interlock your fingers and lift your hands over your head. Make sure your hands are behind your head with your elbows off to the side. Hold this position until you feel the stretch in your chest.

  • Supine Hand To Foot Stretch

Lie on the ground with an extended leg up in the air. Use a strap or a towel to place around your foot and pull until you feel a stretch. This is great for your glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

  • Pretzel Stretch

This stretch is to relieve any tension in your back. Basically sit pretzel style moving an arm across your body. Move your arm until you feel stretching in your back. A relieving popping sound may occur. Do this both ways and your back will be thankful.

  • Jumping Jacks

You may chuckle at this one. But jumping jacks are a great way to stretch out every muscle in your body.

  • Sumo Squat

Doing a sumo squat with your fingers interlocked while keeping your heels on the ground is perfect for taking care of tension you may have in your quads and calf muscles.

  • Extended Wrist/Finger Stretch

Extend an arm out with your fingers up and facing away. With your opposite hand pull back on your fingers. This is a great stretch if you had any “yard sales” or falls that day. This stretches out your hand, wrist, and arms that got banged up from impact

  • Bonus Tip: Get in the Hot Tub

Even though this isn’t a stretch. This is the best activity for curing soreness after your ski day. The hot water is relaxing and is great for your muscles. Be sure to not get too comfortable, because staying in a hot tub for too long is not good for your body temperature or health.

Perform these stretches after you ski to reduce soreness and for an overall sense of well-being. Best of luck on the slopes from your favorite Breckenridge Airport Shuttle company, Peak 1 Express!