President’s Day Weekend: How to Beat Holiday Traffic

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President’s Day Weekend is one the busiest weekend in the mountains by far. Everyone in and out of state is journeying up to the mountains, trying to catch first chair on the mountain. Because of this awesome 3 day weekend and the beautiful weather, t might be a little difficult to get here or get home in a timely matter. There are many ways to beat holiday traffic that might be useful for you this weekend or even next time you come up for a different holiday.

In flight tips: If you are flying out of course you can’t avoid the craziness in the airport, but you can prepare by taking the minimum amount of things you need on your trip. It will  save a little time in the airport and save more room for souvenirs too! Do stuff on the plane so you do not have to hassle in the airport. Things like bathroom breaks and eating on the plane or tidying up can easily be done on the airplane and will make the airplane ride seem a lot faster.

Presidents_Day_PicDriving/riding tips: Book your transportation in advance! If you are renting a car, ensure your vehicle by calling ahead as soon as you have your flight information. Same goes for a shuttle service, the early you book your shuttle the less likely it will be for a shuttle to be full– especially if you have a group of family or friends.

A lot of mountain shuttle companies have cancellation policies. Here at Peak 1 Express our cancellation policy is awesome! You can cancel your trip outside of the 24 hours and get a FULL refund and if something happens and you need to cancel inside the 24 hours before your trip, we will give you a credit for the next trip you take with us. So do not worry about booking too early for you upcoming trips! 

If you are driving out here in your own vehicle, rental or shared shuttle be aware of the horrible traffic that can come with holidays. When coming up to the mountains avoid times everyone else will be driving. These times are mostly early Saturday and Sunday mornings coming up I-70 from Denver. When heading down the hill to Denver avoid rush hour times such as after 4 p.m. when the mountain closes and flood of people begins. Last but not least, if at all possible avoid traveling on Monday evening. Everyone will be looking to leave on Presidents day to get a quick start home, so stay for dinner and leave later or spend an extra night in the high country and head back to work early Tuesday. 

How ever you spend your President’s Day Weekend be sure to have things set up in advance! It will make your trip a lot smoother and leave more time for you to enjoy your vacation! We can’t wait to see you in Breckenridge!