10 Winter Driving Hacks Every Mountain Traveler Should Know

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Winter here in the mountains of Breckenridge is long and cold, but we love it! There is often so much snow we don’t know what to do with it! The snow and ice can make driving scary and a drag to get anywhere. The winter drive can be a pain but we hope to make you feel better after reading our awesome winter driving hacks here at Peak 1 Express!


Image Credit: www.unofficialnetworks.com
Image Credit: www.unofficialnetworks.com
  1. Leave your windshield wipers up at night to prevent from freezing to the windshield.
  2. Cover your side mirrors with ziplock freezer bags to prevent ice and snow build up
  3. Forgot your scrapper? Use one of those old card keys in your wallet for a handy scraper.
  4. Key lock frozen? Use hand sanitizer to met to ice away.
  5. Test your tires to make sure the tread is good and you are safe to drive by sticking a penny in the thread.
  6. Park your car overnight facing the east. In the morning when the sun rises it will help melt away ice and snow build up.
  7. Coat the rubber part of your doors with cooking spray. It is an easy way to open the doors when they are frozen.
  8. Fill a sock with kitty litter and leave it in your car. This will help absorb moisture and prevent fog from clouding your windows. Bonus: It can help remove odors, too!
  9. You can also clear a path for your tires and get them out of slush by using flattened cardboard boxes (keep a few stashed in your trunk, just in case!).
  10. Keep some old socks in your car to slip over your shoes, this will give you better traction if you have to push your car.

Hopefully some of these tricks will help you through these cold, snowy winters we all face every year. Remember to stay safe when driving, and if it comes down to it why drive when we can for you here at Peak 1 Express. Leave it up to us to get you to your destination safely.