Insiders Guide to DIA

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No matter your destination, traveling can be hectic. Arriving to and from the airport, finding some place to eat, finding your gate, picking up luggage, there are a lot of factors to consider, especially when you are flying into an airport for the first time.

Whether you are flying in or out of Denver International Airport, it never hurts to have a basic layout of the airport and to know a few key locations, which is exactly why we have created this inside guide to DIA full of navigation, dining, and shopping recommendations.

denver_terminal_fullNavigation: DIA is set up to separate Eastbound arrivals and departures from the Westbound ones. Once you find your airline ticket counter and check your baggage, you will proceed through security. After you are cleared you will proceed downstairs where you will catch the train to the terminal where your airline is. When flying into DIA, you will catch the train to the Jeppesen Terminal and go to level 5 where baggage claim is. After finding your luggage, you will see that the doors all have numbers on them ranging from 504 to 516. The odd numbers are on the East side and the even are on the West. This is important to know especially if you parked at the airport. If traveling with Peak 1 Express you will be picked up at Island 1 outside of door 515.

Dining: In the main terminal where you first arrive to check in, there are limited shopping and dining. Enough options to find a good cup of coffee, a magazine, extra suitcase, but the majority of 19246the dining are in various terminals. Whether you are looking for a juice bar, Chinese cuisine, pizza, Mexican, the restaurants have got it for you!

Shopping: You find yourself sitting at your gate and all of a sudden it hits you! You forgot to pick up some gifts for your loved ones, or maybe you forgot a pair of headphones. Well never fear, whether you are looking for a Colorado souvenir, a last minute gift, or a phone charger you forgot to pack, DIA has more than 50 shops that are sure to meet your needs.

Traveling is always nerve racking. Whether you are flying into DIA for the first time or a well seasoned traveler, it never hurts to know a little bit more about the airport. With these tips about navigating the airport, dining, and shopping you will be getting to and from your gate hassle free and onward to your Breckenridge mountain destination in a timely manner.