Visiting Vail: 4 Activities for Fall

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The autumn season is a great time to take a vacation and visit Vail, Colorado in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Vail has so many activities and events to offer visitors during the fall season, and don’t forget about the added benefit of smaller  crowds and really great discounts. Here are 4 activities for fall from Peak 1 Express! These are not to be missed, while visiting Vail this season.

balloonMoon11. Hot Air Balloon Rides: Some may argue that fall is the absolute best season to experience a hot air balloon ride. Take in stunningly beautiful panoramic views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains covered in incredible orange and yellow fall colors. An autumn hot air balloon ride is the perfect adventure for families, friends, or a romantic getaway. It’s certain to be an experience you will never forget.

2. Hiking: Get outside and take advantage of Vail’s awesome hiking trails before the snow starts to fall. You may even see a moose! Vail has countless hiking trails the range from one mile loops, great for families with young kids, to multi day backpacking trails for those looking for something a bit more challenging.(Hint: Breckenridge has great hiking too!)

3. Fishing: The best part about fishing in Colorado is you can fish all year round, but there is something extra special about fishing in the fall season. For one thing popular fishing spots in FlyFishing-300x200the surrounding area are likely to be much less  crowded which means more fish for you! What could be better than a relaxing day next to a high alpine lake with your fishing pole and good picnic lunch?

4. Horseback Riding: Enjoying a trail ride is a great way to see all the fall foliage that Vail has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced rider or it’s your first time, Vail has great options for all ages and skill levels. With the variable fall weather don’t forget to layer up before you put on your cowboy boots!

These four activities are just a few options for great adventures during the fall season in Vail, Colorado. There is so much to see and do in this awesome place that you may just end up staying for the winter too!