4 Ways to Avoid I-70 Traffic Congestion

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Black Label JetIf you don’t have the luxury of owning a helicopter or a private jet, there’s a strong chance you may find yourself sitting in traffic on I-70 this summer. Hopefully, you’ll have made it to Colorado and you will leave this page better educated on how to avoid any potential traffic delays. Check out these 4 ways to avoid I-70 traffic congestion from all of us at Peak 1 Express.



Leave Early!traffic clock

There’s no better schedule to be on than your own schedule! Plan to leave an hour or so earlier than you had originally, and this will help to alleviate any painstaking frustration caused by sitting in stop and go traffic. There is currently rock blasting taking place near Idaho Springs on I-70 that will last through the end of 2014. The plans are that  this blasting will be done when there are less cars on the road, but whether its mid-day or rush hour, expect to be waiting in traffic for a bit. Prepare a mixtape (or mix flash drive) to sing along with, and something to snack on, as this could take a while!

night drivingDrive at Night

This may not be ideal for people who are unfamiliar with driving in mountain terrain, but there is an upside to driving after the sun goes down. Due to safety regulations and general concern for the public, there will not be any tunnel blasting at night. This accommodation will open up the interstate for people willing to make the journey after sundown. I-70 is not completely illuminated at night, so make sure you’re wide awake and all of the lights your vehicle are functioning.

Check Traffic Reports OftencotripexpBadge

This is relatively self explanatory, but those who plan ahead, will stay ahead (or behind) the pack. Jump on to CoTrip.org and take a look to see how the flow of traffic is going. Sometimes, traffic is inevitable, but by following some of these helpful steps, you’ll  hopefully be able to avoid a traffic nightmare!

denver to granite 285Utilize U.S. Route 285

Whether, you’re coming from Denver or heading back to it, Route 285 will keep you off of I-70. If you’re coming from Summit County or Breckenridge, take Highway 9 South and jump on 285 East. If you’re coming from Denver, take 285 West and Highway 9 North. This may take a little bit longer than taking I-70, however, chances are you won’t be waiting in traffic. It’s always a pleasant thing to feel like you’re getting somewhere, rather than getting nowhere, at all.