5 Tips for a Safe St. Patricks Day in Breckenridge

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Time to get out that hideous green outfit you purchased, because St. Patricks day is nearly upon us! Yes, we realize that you may only wear it once a year, but what else are you going to put on to keep those pesky pinchers away? Regardless of how awesomely atrocious your St. Paddys day getup looks, you are going to need it to keep your body from getting welted up by all of the festive leprechauns. Here’s 5 other tips for a safe St. Patrick’s day in Breckenridge.

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Bus Service

Here in Breckenridge, we have two different FREE bus services that work to help get you around not only town, but the entire county! These services do not run 24 hours, but between the hours of 6am and 12pm. This is a very important thing to know, because if you’re out until 2am partying and having fun with your friends or family, you may end up stranded in Breck. Get your partying done before these bus services end if you are relying on public transport.

Private Car Service

As an alternative to driving around to all of your holiday festivities, choose a safe Peak 1 Express Car Service to do this for you. We offer both Black Label and Private Charter services that can take you to, wait for and pick you up from any event you may be attending. This will help you get home safely and can prevent you from driving while intoxicated.

Party in Moderation

One thing that most visitors to Summit County don’t realize are the unknown ways that altitude can affect your body and its performance. Perhaps the most important fact to know on this St. Paddys day is that due to the reduced amount of oxygen in the air and consequently, your bloodstream, your body will be absorbing alcohol much more quickly. This means that you will be getting intoxicated with much less than you are used to; 66% less.

Legal Marijuana Usage

Since the successful passing of Amendment 64 here in Colorado, we have been seeing an increase in tourism just for this purpose. With that being said, it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public, before or while driving and on federal land. Breckenridge does lease their land from the National Forest Service, like most resorts in the Nation, so please bear this in mind.

Bring a Buddyc09f775b659f4ed3ca19f86ea1eb14a8

To keep you safe and help prevent you from getting into trouble or lost, it is a good idea to have at least one buddy with you throughout the day. Much like skiing or snowboarding with a buddy, it is safer and if you do get into trouble, they’re there to help you.