How to Plan the Perfect Summit County Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air! Or is it all the snow that’s been falling on us lately? Either way, there sure is a lot of “something” in the air. Likely, it is all of the anticipation and nervousnessshutterstock_123783379 for the upcoming celebration of Cupid’s arrow. We don’t know about you, but we would be nervous about being struck in the heart, unsuspectingly, by a little arrow! Set your self at ease… There is no need to worry about not knowing how to plan the perfect Summit County valentines day; below we’ll offer you some suggestions to make that arrow of love all the more tolerable.

Wining and Dining

No, we’re not referring to crying and stuffing your face with your favorite ice cream flavor! How are you supposed to meet the guy or girl of your dreams if you don’t get out and wine and dine? Breckenridge and Summit County has numerous fine dining restaurants to choose from to enjoy this lovely holiday. Ski Tip, Vinny’s, Arapahoe Cafe, Adrianos, Silverheels, Blue Spruce Inn, CB Grille, Twist, Hearthstone, Ember and Modis are just a sampling of our wonderful fine dining establishments in Summit County. With Peak 1 Express, you can also be transported in style and comfort. This way, all you have to worry about is when you can get back to the comfort of your own bed; not how many glasses (or bottles) of wine you’ve had!

shutterstock_5369899 (Large)Spa Treatments and More

If you aren’t satisfied with just enjoying the finest food and vino, book yourself, your love or the both of you a most relaxing and enjoyable afternoon at the spa! There are enough spas in Summit County so everyone can have their fair share of pampering. Just so you don’t have to go too far, here are a few that may be closest to you: Keystone Lodge & Spa, Breckenridge Lodge & Spa and the Copper Mountain Athletic Center. If you would like to venture out and get away from the resort to enjoy your spa treatments, remember Peak 1 Express can take you to and pick you up from the spa of your choice. All you would have to do is keep relaxing as our drivers take care of all the hard work.