How to Relax While Traveling to and From Denver

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The trip from Denver to the mountains can be daunting, long, and frightening for many people who are not accustomed to driving in heavy traffic, through harsh snow, icy conditions, and mountainous roads.  At a minimum of 2 hours the trip down Interstate 70 through the Rocky Mountains can easily become doubled with the onset of heavy snowfall and vicious winds. This is why we have some ideas for you on how to relax while traveling to and from Denver.

Choose Peak 1 Express! With 14 person luxurious and spacious Mercedes Sprinters, drivers focused on giving guests the best traveling experience possible, and the earliest and latest pick up and drop off times, Peak 1 Express is the PERFECT option for a relaxing trip to and from Denver.shuttle

Wait to rent a car! It may seem like the easy travel solution to just rent a car in Denver and drive to the mountains, but it most definitely will not be easy or relaxing. There are multiple choices for car rental companies once you reach the mountains, which is why we highly recommend waiting until you arrive at your mountain destination before renting a car that will get you around town.

snow_driving_jpgPlan your transportation ahead of time! You would be hard pressed to find someone who enjoys sitting in the airport all night long because they can’t seem to find a ride into the mountains. That’s why we suggest setting up your shuttle service with Peak 1 Express as soon as you book your flight. Doing this will give you the widest variety of shuttle times  and travel options, not to mention stress-free transportation to your mountain destination.

The trip to Breckenridge and from Denver is unexpectedly long and treacherous for many people. Follow our suggestions and you’ll be sure to have a stress free and relaxing trip.