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Ice Castles in Breckenridge

 There is one more incredible reason to visit Breckenridge, Colorado this 2014 winter: the famous ice castles! This amazing work of natural art has recently relocated from Silverthorne to Breckenridge, putting it smack in the middle of all the excitement of Summit County.

 A Breckenridge vacation has so much to offer from incredible skiing, top notch accommodations, and excellent nightlife. The Ice Castles offer one more thing to do in the winter heaven this is Breckenridge, CO.

 Peak 1 Express has the scoop on this year’s Ice Castle being erected at the Riverwalk Center on Main street in Breckenridge! The town of Breckenridge sits at an elevation of 9600 feet making the Main Street Ice Castle the highest of the year and likely the first to open and last to close.

 Breckenridge, CO Ice Castles

 What are the Ice Castles?

 The Breckenridge Ice Castle is a piece of art erected one icicle at a time. The Ice Castle team starts by “growing” thousand of icicles each day and sculpting, chipping ,and melting them into incredible formations that must be seen to believe. Over time, these structures can be molded into very large tunnels, towers, archways, and caves.

 Breckenridge Installment of the Ice Castles

 The Breckenridge Ice Castle is being constructed in the Riverwalk center in downtown Breckenridge, Colorado as we speak! The projected opening date will be Christmas and the installment will be open for as long as mother nature allows! Visitors will be invited to explore the castle as they walk through pathways carved out of solid ice. To truly appreciate the Ice Castle, visit after dark to view the thousands of multi-colored lights shining through the ice from deep within the formations. A visit to the Ice Castle of Breckenridge is an experience that will truly make your winter vacation that much more unforgettable. Peak 1 Express will be following the construction of this project, so watch this space for updates on the construction process and the eventual unveiling of Breckenridge Ice Castles!

 Visit for more information on the project and stunning photos of past and present ice castles.

 Peak 1 Express will bring you a video series this winter to show the progress being made on building the ice castles. Here is part 1 of our series, brought to you by one of our multi-talented Peak 1 Express drivers! Construction is now underway on these beautiful works of art at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge. 

 Check out musician Lindsey Sterling’s viral music video for her song “Crystallize” in which she performs in one of these incredible ice structures. This video was filmed at a past Colorado Ice Castle back in February.


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Ice Castles in Colorado

Visit Breckenridge Ice Castles