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Transfer Station Pricing

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Peak 1 Express will be opening for operations beginning November 15th with a new transfer station for our guests to utilize. To accompany our service to Breckenridge and Frisco Transfer Stations, we will now be offering service to Keystone River Run transfer station. We are excited to offer a growing community another option when travelling to and from the airport.

The transfer stations are a great option for those who can use local town transportation to get to their desired destination or have a helping hand that can give them a ride. All our transfer stations are easy to access and are located in the center of their respective towns.peak_7_007_w640

Breckenridge Transfer Station is a block from Main St. and happens to be where both the gondola picks up and where the local bus service station is. The going price for a shared shuttle service to or from Breckenridge Transfer is $44 online making it one of the cheapest options in the county.

Frisco Transfer, or Frisco Express as called by locals, sits behind the Wal Mart and is one of the central locations for the county wide bus system. Frisco Express is located less than half a mile from I-70 making for quick access to the highway and is one of the last stops made on the way to Denver International Airport. Along with Breckenridge, transportation to or from Frisco Express is a measly $44.

As stated above, Keystone Transfer Station is located right at the base of the ski area in popular River Run Village. One of the benefits of this stop is that Keystone is one of the smaller towns in the county making the transfer station a viable option for visitors. Priced at a reasonable $50, this option is great for locals and visitors alike.

If all else fails or your ride bailed on you, feel free to upgrade to our Door 2 Door service. We will bring you to where you need to be hassle free. This way you can enjoy your vacation without having to jump through any extra red tape.