Top 5 Fall Hikes in Eagle County

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Eagle County is a great place to immerse yourself in the beauty of fall. Dust off those hiking boots because here are the Peak 1 Express top 5 fall hikes in Eagle County.

  1. Turquoise Lake | BEAVER CREEK
    This beautiful hike takes you along Beaver Creek to the scenic Turquoise Lakes. A 13 mile hike with a total elevation gain of 3,000 feet, the Turquoise Lakes hike is one you will certainly be feeling tomorrow. The Lower Turquoise Lake is about 6.7 miles from the Beaver Lake Trailhead, and the Upper Lake is about ½ a mile later. Thinking about making it an overnight trip? Stake out a perfect spot by the lower lake, surrounding yourself by beautiful meadows for a great early morning view.
  1. Mount of the Holy Cross Trail | MINTURNMount_of_the_Holy_Cross
    If you’re ready to carve out a whole day for hiking, then the Mount of the Holy Cross Trail might be the one for you. It’s a strenuous hike, so make sure you are prepared. Pack lots of water and throw those hiking poles into the mix if you have them because this 15 mile trek is sure to take its toll on you. With a total elevation gain of 6,790 feet, you’ll be crossing this 14er off your list in about 10-12 hours. Many people opt for the hike to camp option, making it a two day trip. Just keep in mind Colorado’s notorious afternoon thunderstorms and don’t get caught on the summit during a storm!
  1. Shrine Ridge | VAIL
    This great 3 mile hike is wonderful for all skill levels, but beware – it is a favorite recommendation from anyone in Vail. Hit the trails early to avoid as much of the crowds as possible. There is a good reason for all the people, however. Shrine Ridge is known for its beautiful meadows filled with wildflowers that leads to an enchanting pine forest just before the peak of Shrine Mountain Ridge, which boasts amazing 360-degree views. Wake up early and hit this trail; you won’t regret it!
  1. Lionshead Rock | MINTURNbreck summer hiking family
    Lionshead is a perfect short hike with just the right amount of difficulty to make you notice. The 4 mile loop trail has a total elevation gain of 1,450 feet and is known for its amazing wildlife sightings. You can knock this one out in 1 to 2 hours and spend the rest of your day soaking up the sun on a kayak in the Eagle River.
  1. Booth Falls | VAIL
    This moderate hike located near Vail is on the top of my list for fall hikes to-dos. Give yourself anywhere from 3 to 5 hours for this out and back hike depending on your pace and number of stops. The 4.6 mile trek will be well worth the view when you reach the waterfall! This hike is also great for your furry friends, just don’t forget the leash!

Now that you are equipped with a list of scenic, exciting hikes, grab a hiking partner and hit the trails! Don’t forget your camera; the scenery of Colorado in the fall is definitely a Kodak moment.