5 Tips on Travel for Thanksgiving in Colorado 2018

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Ski season in Colorado is ramping up just in time for Thanksgiving. Visitors from all over the world flock to the resorts of Colorado for a long weekend of skiing. Booking a resort, arranging equipment rentals, and getting ski passes for the family are all important aspects of your trip, but there is often one aspect of people’s trips that gets overlooked, and that is transportation to and from the resort. To help you out we’ve put together a few travel tips for those who plan to travel to Colorado for Thanksgiving!

  1. Know the weather. Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable, and blue skies can turn into intense snow storms within minutes. If you are not used to driving in snow conditions perhaps get a professional service. If you are renting a car be aware of chain laws and if they apply to you. The weather can cause delays so be patient and look at our second tip.
  2. Have a back up plan. If you decide to drive to your resort then plan an alternate route in case of a snow storm. Road closures are common and can cause heavy delays. A back up route is always a good idea. A combination of  #1 & #2 lead us to our third tip.
  3. Ride with a professional. Driving in Colorado’s winter can be stressful for those not accustomed to it and there are many reasons why a professional will pay off. First, they know how to drive in all weather conditions. Secondly, they already know the back up routes, and receive notifications in real time for the best alternative route. Even with their back up routes some closures still bring professional services to stand stills, but some delays are better than others. If you were to be delayed with the shuttle service Peak 1 Express, you would have access to free wi-fi and refreshments while waiting for the traffic to start moving again!
  4. Book in advance. Once the snow on the ground is ready for skiing, the shuttles fill up fast! Don’t wait until you land to try to find a ride because there is a good chance they will be booked. Rental car companies are often out of stock once ski season begins, especially during holidays. Also plan flights accordingly. Do not book that red eye flight and expect a company to be able to drive you to your resort at 2 a.m. Communicate with some transportation companies and see how their scheduled shuttles can get you to your resort quickly.
  5. Look for the deals. Deals are common during the holiday season. From lodging to transportation, there are specials surrounding the upcoming holidays, so be sure to keep an eye out!

While vacations are made to be relaxing, getting to where you are going can be stressful. If you follow these tips you can reduce that stress and start enjoying your holiday in the mountains!