Best Precautions to take for Snow Storm Travel in Colorado

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Best Precautions to take for Snow Storm Travel in Colorado

Traveling up to Summit County or Vail Valley the winter can be nerve-wracking, especially with how busy I-70 gets when the snow hits.  Everyone wants their taste of fresh powder on the weekends, but this causes back up on the interstate and winter driving conditions slow everything down a consistent amount more.  Though our biggest suggestion would be taking a shuttle with Peak 1 Express to avoid all of this stress, some prefer to brave the elements and battle through traffic on their way up to Colorado’s ski resorts.  Here’s how you can prepare for snow storm travel in Colorado.

Snow Tires

As you get up into Summit County, they often put out an alert that every car is required to have the proper tires or chains to travel on I-70.  Plenty of people who live up in the areas have all season tires they put on their car for the winter months, and switch back to their normal tires as the snow melts.  Studded snow tires are even better, but only in harsh winter areas such as the high country of Colorado.  Many states have banned studded tires due to the impact they have on dry roads, but they are very helpful for winter travel when living in Colorado’s Rockies.


Though you usually only see chains on larger trucks, it may be smart to have a set of two to keep in your car in case of emergency.  If your vehicle is rear wheel drive, put the chains on the back tires and vice versa.  Only in extreme conditions would you consider throwing chains on the tires of your sedan or small SUV, but the weather can change in an instant and chains may prevent you from getting stranded.


A lot of people will throw a few sandbags in the trunk or the back of their car to help with traction on slick roads, so if you’re heading up to the mountains you should think about doing this for your car.  These are really only needed if you’re traveling light, but shouldn’t be thrown into a front wheel drive vehicle.  Another perk of having a sandbag handy is if your car gets stuck, throw some sand onto the snow or ice in front of your tires to help you get out.

Full Tank of Gasoline

Fuel up prior to your trip!  If you happen to get stranded, you’ll be able to keep your car on for a while to keep you warm until help can reach you.  

Safety Kit

Jumper cables, an extra winter jacket, socks, snow boots, blanket, kitty litter, flash light, shovel, nonperishable food, water, first aid kit.  This is a great start to a winter survival kit for your car.  Be sure to bring extra winter gear, in case you end up having to hike around in a storm, and good boots to trek through snow in.  Cat litter is the same concept as sandbags and will help get your car unstuck in slick situations.  Pack a bin full of these items and keep it in the back of your vehicle at all times… you never know when you or somebody else may need help.

Take a shuttle with Peak 1 Express if you’d rather sit back and relax on your venture up to the high country.  Our experienced drivers know how to handle everything from icy roads to whiteout conditions, our vehicles have free Wi-Fi and beverages, and you can’t beat the affordable price of our shared shuttles to discount locations.



*Featured imaged courtesy of SnoCountry.

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