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family-skiing-winter-sportsHeading out to the Rocky Mountains for your first ski trip? Then there are a lot of helpful tips that will prepare you for every aspect of an unforgettable experience. Before, during and after your Rocky Mountain adventure there’s lost to know, so below you will find some local tips that will help you get that perfect experience you’ve always dreamed of!  

One key element of keeping yourself happy and in high spirits is having the proper equipment and essential clothing. Even though Colorado is known for having 300 days of sunshine, the weather can change instantly. Having the appropriate equipment that is the right size, style and fit can all be accommodated at locally owned ski rental shops. The highly trained, professional ski technicians will take their time to make sure you are correctly fitted and all set to hit the slopes. Other necessities are warm base layers, ski socks, snow pants, a ski jacket, goggles, insulated waterproof gloves and most importantly a helmet. The more you are prepared for the weather, the better off you will be. Be prepared; it can change in an instant!  

Copper_Mountain_snowboard_pictureHere in the Rockies you must be prepared to protect your body too. Altitude sickness can affect the best of us and offers little to no warning. Being aware of the altitude difference up in the mountains is also very important. If you are coming from a lower elevation, it will take your body some time to adjust. A few tips are to keep hydrated with lots of water, be careful with your alcohol intake, check out an oxygen bar and with younger children, and even consider staying a night in Denver to avoid the sudden causes of altitude sickness. Your body will adjust quickly, so with these tips you should be good to go in no time. Staying proactive about it will keep you on track with having a great vacation.   

Trust us when we say this is not the easiest sport to pick up, so why not get some expert help from those who make a living doing just that. When it is the first time ever skiing or snowboarding, the safest decision to make is to take a Ski or Snowboard Lesson. All of the mountain resorts offer many different options, from ½ day lessons to full day and even private lessons. It is never a smart idea to just wing it because it can be very dangerous to yourself and others on the mountain. To inquire about ski lessons, visit the resorts website you are visiting, and check out some testimonials from people just like you!  

Now that you have some helpful tips for being a first time skier or snowboarder, book your flights, set up a shuttle service to your destination with Peak 1 Express and collect your gear for one epic experience, you will  never forget! Happy Shredding!