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Breckenridge Ski ResortThe weekend has finally arrived… a chance to get away and escape reality for a few days in the mountains. You have been anticipating this event for some time now, studying the trail guides, making sure all of your ski gear is in order. Friday afternoon finally arrives, school and work are no longer a worry. Your car is packed, your mind set on a weekend of fun-filled adventure. Traffic in Denver is a little worse than usual but you don’t mind. Little do you know, the road conditions are about to get a lot worse.

President’s Day Weekend is a notoriously bad weekend for travel, especially on I-70. A trip that would normally take 2 hours can take upwards of 4.5 hours if you do not plan correctly. Here are a few tips to help minimize the amount of time you will spend on the road and maximize your time on the hill.

  1. Avoid Traveling on Peak Travel Daysforsale
    The worst times to travel on I-70 are Friday and Monday afternoon and evening. If at all possible, alter your travel plans to drive up to the mountains either Thursday night or Tuesday morning. You might run into some traffic, but it will not be nearly as bad. There is nothing worse than sitting in hours of unnecessary traffic – it will ruin your entire weekend. If you are determined to spend the holiday in the mountains, stick around Monday and wait to head home until Tuesday.
  2. Let Someone Else Do the Driving!_94E2940
    Worried about sitting in hours of stressful traffic with erratic drivers? Tired from your long week at work? Why add more stress to your week when you could have someone else worry about traffic? Alleviate any future travel stress by booking a shuttle with Peak 1 Express. Our shared shuttles and private SUVs service Vail Valley and Summit County 365 days a year.
  3. Manage Your Travel Timessnow_driving_jpg
    The best time to head up to the mountains on President’s Day Weekend will be super late on Thursday night. Permitting you can skip work or school Friday morning, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. Likewise, if you have the ability to return to the front range super early Tuesday morning, you will avoid sitting in the “parking lot” I-70 will turn into this weekend.