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Are you planning a vacation to winter wonderland? Perhaps you’re confused about the do’s and don’ts of your first winter vacation? No need to worry because Peak 1 Express has you covered! Being Ski Country locals, we have lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of your winter adventure! Have a look at Peak 1’s 10 tips on how to plan your winter vacation.

  1. 85b86f4e7aDress the part! You are surely packing up your ski jackets, boots and gloves, but the best clothes for winter in the mountains are light weight and effective. These days, bulky gear is not always the answer. Sometimes it is best to find quality layers over quantity. The best days on the hill are when you are warm enough but not overly bulky.
  2. Buy your lift tickets ahead of time. Remember – lift ticket prices are always at their highest if you purchase them at the window of your preferred ski resort. A little research on the internet beforehand and perhaps pre-purchasing tickets can sometimes save big bucks!
  3. If you are coming to the mountains this winter, you are surely going to need some form of transportation, whether it is a flight, a shuttle to Vail, a bus ride or all three! When booking a flight, try to avoid late arrivals or early departures as weather can cause delays and create issues with catching ground transportation. Shuttle companies do not run 24 hours a day so try to get a flight that lands early in the day. This way, if you miss your shuttle due to flight delays, there will be a later shuttle option available. No one wants to waste time in the airport so plan ahead!
  4. Beaver-Run-ResortDo some research on the type of food you would like to eat. If you are planning on cooking, make sure you make time to hit the grocery store and have a way to get there. Many restaurants also require reservations so if you are set on eating somewhere specific each night, it is definitely worth it to make reservations.
  5. In many mountain towns, there are unlimited types of lodging available. It is sometimes worth it to spend a little extra to get a location close to town or to the slopes. The time and money you save during your trip is always worth the extra upfront costs.
  6. If skiing or riding with a large group, set a meeting spot and time. If your group varies in skill level, you may not all be able to spend the whole day together. Set a time to meet for lunch and remember cell phone reception is spotty in the mountains so a backup plan is a great tip.
  7. If you have never skied out west, the resorts are huge! Look up the trail map beforehand to see what types of terrain you would like to experience. It will save a lot of time figuring it out on the hill and make navigation much easier.
  8. cold walkProblems will happen on your winter vacation! Be ready for them. We all pray for powder days but remember, storms in the mountains can delay travel, effect visibility on the slopes and alter your plans. Be ready to change your itinerary if the weather or some other extenuating circumstances occur. Getting frustrated will only hinder your experience. An easy going and calm demeanor will ensure a great time for all involved!
  9. Usually, the main activity for your winter vacation is skiing or riding. Perhaps, plan another activity for one day of your trip. It will help you ski better and allow you to experience all the other great activities the mountains have to offer. Snowshoeing, dogsledding, or a spa day will not disappoint!
  10. Beware of the altitude! If you coming from sea level, do not underestimate altitude sickness! It can effect anyone at any time so be ready to take it slow and perhaps stay off the slopes and limit alcohol/caffeine intake during your first day or two on vacation.

We hope these tips will help make your winter vacation an experience you and your group will never forget. Feel free to ask the experts at Peak 1 Express when booking your transportation to get the local scoop on everything related to the perfect vacation.

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