Happy Earth Day! Eco-Friendly Transportation Tips!

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Even though a lot of us our hard at work trying to keep our planet clean and less polluted, there is a whole day dedicated to making a change on how we do our day to day routines. Examples of this are recycling, not littering, not using harsh chemicals, going paperless, etc. There are a thousand ways we all strive to make a difference but did you know there are lots of tips to make sure your transportation options are eco-friendly? Here are a couple of ways to ensure your transportation options are eco- friendly!

  • Tip #1: Shared shuttle service.
    • No matter where you are there are ways to get to your destination by shared shuttle. It is an affordable way to help the environment and to get you to your destination in a safe and in a timely matter. Here in Breckenridge we offer transportation through Peak 1 Express but there are other options around the country.
  • Tip #2: Carpool
    • Car pooling is a great and effective way to help with the environment! Less gas used is also good for your pocket too! Carpooling to work, school or any other function is a great way to cut down and clean up. It is always a great excuse for some bonding time with you and friends.
  • Tip #3: Buy a hybrid
    • Using less gas is key and with electric being the new wave of the future. Unplug your car when you’re on on the road, then plug it back it in when you’re back home. Combine this with carpooling and you can’t get any eco-friendlier than that!
  • Trip #4: Fry power
    • Love the yummy smell of fried food? If so you can also convert your car to run on vegetable oil. Then you can smell your favorite fry smell and get going on some environmentally friendly fumes by recycling… and a lot of restaurants give away the fry oil so take advantage of that!

With everything being said from fry powered engines to shared shuttles service, what can you do to help the earth? Try some of these great ways to be eco-friendly.

Happy Earth Day and remember every day is earth day Let’s thank mother earth for giving us such a beautiful place to be and keep her happy!