P1E Staff’s Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

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Snow is falling, the resorts have opened, and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. To get excited about the giving holiday we asked Peak 1 Express staff what their favorite traditions are:

Brandon (General Manager): Often referring to Thanksgiving as “Friendsgiving,” Brandon’s favorite part of the holiday is the warm welcome you receive from either friends or family when you first enter their home. Additionally, every Thanksgiving AVA and Peak1 gets the office catered for all of it’s hard working staff in Breckenridge, which Brandon loves to participate in! 

Dar (Operations Supervisor): With both sides of Dar’s family in Chicago, Thanksgiving is a multi-day event. Between dancing around to good music, indulging in some of his Auntie’s caramel cake and Grandma’s turkey, there is plenty of entertainment and delicious food. 

Leah (Marketing Director): Besides taking the dogs for a walk before indulging in some pumpkin cheesecake , one of her favorite Thanksgiving traditions is substituting cranberry martinis for cranberry sauce.  

Megan (Sales Lead): Thanksgiving is Megan’s favorite holiday. Every year she travels with her family down to Baltimore, Maryland, to her Aunt’s and celebrates Thanksgiving over several days. However, the real highlight of this holiday for Megan is the day after Thanksgiving, which is filled with leftovers and decorating gingerbread houses! 

Ryan (Sales Manager): In true Thanksgiving fashion, Ryan’s favorite tradition consists of football and more football. However, if you want to peel Ryan away from the game it won’t be hard with some candied yams complete with marshmallow topping. 

Vance (Assistant Operations Manager): What Vance enjoys most about Thanksgiving, is simply the holiday itself. His favorite part of Thanksgiving is having everyone around sharing a meal; friends, family, dogs, it does not matter as long as everyone is together. 

Whether you are with family or friends, taking the dogs for a walk or watching the game, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate as long as you are surrounded by good company and great food!

Have your own favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Share it with us we would love to hear it!a-charlie-brown-thanksgiving-original1