November 22 is “Go for a Ride Day”

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dog-car-ride-300x225Mark your calendars! November 22nd is “Go for a Ride Day!” Go for a Ride Day encourages you to go out and explore whether you are in Breckenridge or Timbuktu. Whether you are riding your bike, horse and carriage, or Peak 1 Express, as long as you are out and about riding that is all that matters. It’s not quite the ride itself that is the most important part anyways, it’s the journey.

The holidays are fast approaching, which can be a rather stressful time for some. Take a breath, relax, and go for a ride. If you are riding with friends, family, or riding solo, don’t worry about the destination, just ride. Go for a Ride Day is about getting out there and exploring. Don’t worry about where you are going just hop on a set of wheels and get riding! Go for a Ride Day is all about reminding people to stop whatever obligations you have and appreciate new things through the art of travel.

Regardless of who you are riding with, the experiences and lessons you learn while traveling are invaluable. Grab some wheels, a carriage, snowmobile, whatever may tickle your fancy and go for a ride!