4 Ways to Deal with Flight Delays on Your Vacation

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family-skiing-winter-sportsThere is not much that can compare to an amazing Colorado vacation! Getting away from work and the stress of everyday life is something everyone needs to do at least once and a while. One thing that can put a damper on a long awaited trip away are unexpected flight delays. No one enjoys sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane that will take them to freedom. Not only this, but flight delays take precious time away from the amazing trip that you have been planning for what may seem like ages! That is why we have come up with 4 ways to deal with flight delays on your vacation from Peak 1 Express.

  1. Use the delay as a conversation starter! When a flight is delayed, no one is truly happy about it, but it is a great opportunity to meet someone new! Shared frustration is a great way to start a conversation and meet someone new. You never know if your new acquaintance could be your next best friend or future special someone!

  2. Use a hashtag to search Twitter and find others in the same situation as you! Try searching #flightdelayed or #stuckattheairport to find others in your area who share your situation. You can even get more creative by adding the name of the airport you’re stuck in to your hashtag. See if you can find someone on your flight!

  3. Go shopping! Yes, airport gift shops may be a bit pricey, but you’re stuck there for who knows long, so why not? Pick out some goodies for yourself and for friends or family back home. Shopping is sure to make your delay fly by!

  4. When all else fails, hit the bar! Take advantage of your delay by hitting up an airport bar. Order yourself a cold beer or a soothing martini, sit back and relax while waiting for your vacation to begin. Who knows, you might even luck out with a cute bartender!

Hopefully, flight delays and cancellations will not affect or hinder your Breckenridge or mountain vacation plans. If they do happen to make a layover in your itinerary, you now have at least four options for making that airport stay just a bit sleeping-at-airport-24-465x348more tolerable.