Planning your Winter Vacation

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Colorado is one of the best places to visit during the winter months. Known as ‘Colorful Colorado’ to its inhabitants, this state produces various colors and landscapes to accommodate its many visitors. Winter is one of busiest times to come and see the beauty that blankets the state or to come and enjoy its many outdoor activities. With an average snowfall of over three hundred inches, Colorado is surely a world class winter vacation destination. 

As amazing as a winter vacation to Colorado may sound, there are some things to keep in mind when planning your skiing getaway. First, Colorado can be a bit chilly in January and February. The best way to keep warm is to dress in layers. Be sure to bring a couple extra turtlenecks and sweaters to keep warm.  Next, the resort towns can become especially busy during the holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year’s and Spring Break.  If you wish to avoid the crowds, these would not be the most ideal times to visit.  If you must be in Colorado for Christmas or Spring break, try to organize as much of your trip’s details in advance.  Most resorts will allow you book your room, restaurant reservations, and even ski and snowboard rentals and lessons in advance. Furthermore, having your transportation to the mountains is just as important. Peak 1 Express has regularly scheduled shuttles to take you to your rocky mountain destination in ease.

Traffic can be overwhelming during the winter months in Colorado.  I-70, our main highway, is the most popular and sometimes only way to get to the myriad of different ski resorts, like Breckenridge, in Colorado.  Traffic is especially bad during the weekends when Denver residents flock to the mountains and during snowstorms.   If you are uncomfortable driving in the snow, our shuttles are ready to take on the storm. They are quick, reliable, and take the stress out of winter driving in Colorado.