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jeep-833206_1280When it comes to winter preparations for any vehicle, safety is number one. It’s extremely important that you take necessary precautions for your vehicle for adverse weather. Preparations for winter include everything from regular maintenance and upkeep, to a new set of tires and tools to deal with ice. Here are some tips on how to prepare your car for the snowy season.

If you have a garage, then winter can be decently manageable for your vehicle. If you do not, it can be a little annoying but possible. All the little things that may have gone wrong in the summer that you ignored at the time need to go to the top of the list. That window that doesn’t quite roll all the way up – now is the time to get it fixed. Even that tire that’s always leaking air should get at least a patch if you are not switching to snow tires. However, snow tires are highly recommended.

car-791092_1280We’ve all done it – seen that check engine light flash on and decide to deal with it later. In the winter your engine may not run as easily as in the summer, so get it checked and fixed. Making sure all fluids are consistently at appropriate levels is always a good habit to keep but especially during the winter season. Antifreeze is key during a hard freeze. It can mean the difference between running smooth or overheating. A good oil change can significantly improve engine function during the coldest times. All wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicles are the favorites for most people when dealing with driving in the snow. Most cars do just fine though with a premium pair of snow tires. Snow tires and chains are also helpful when traveling in show. Tires with studs are pretty popular, and tire wax, glass coating or gel can help on those especially icy days for those who have the time to prep their tires in that way.

A must have item for the snowy Colorado winter is a windshield scraper with a brush and a good handle.  Items such as windshield protectors or car covers can be another way to keep your vehicle in the appropriate condition. With the snow and ice comes salt to clear it away. Salt can affect your car with rust and can cause issues with the paint job. A good wax can protect your car from salt eating away at your vehicle. All in all, as long as you pay attention to your car’s regular maintenance needs and get some good snow tires, preparing your car for winter should be a breeze.

Finally, especially out here in Colorado, packing an emergency kit in preparation for winter is always a good idea. Include the basics – jumper cables, roadside flares, a first aid kit, antifreeze, spare oil, flashlight and extra batteries, and a tow strap. There’s a small chance that you will need more than just the basics, though. Being overprepared is always preferred to being underprepared, which is why we also suggest keeping a nice blanket, a few bottles of water, non-perishable food items, gloves, and a solar charger for your phone. These items will make any stranded situation better, and could possibly save your life.

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