Spring Driving Tips From Your Favorite Mountain Shuttle

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Spring is here! It’s time to take a drive over to Breckenridge or into Vail to take advantage of some hiking and sightseeing. Or maybe drive down to Denver to enjoy some shopping or concerts. No matter if you’re ascending or descending in elevation, spring driving conditions can be just as uncomfortable as the winter driving conditions. So here are some spring driving tips from your favorite mountain shuttle.rtSprinter2_road (1)

  1. When driving down a mountain road you do not need to let your speeds get too high. Use lower gears or downshift to control your acceleration. Riding the brakes is never a good idea.
  2. When going up hill or steep inclines be sure to use a lower gear to keep your engine from overhauling and watch for overheating.
  3. Remember the blanket law for driving speeds in Colorado is “reasonable and prudent,” not necessarily the speed specified by the speed limit.
  4. Share the road. A shoulder is never guaranteed and mountain roads can be very narrow so pass people with caution.
  5. Keep in mind there are rocks and minerals on the road this time of year, so watch out for the possibility of spraying somebody with sudden acceleration. This would not be very nice to fellow drivers.

Rock and mudslides occur all year long but more frequently during snow melt. This added slickness creates conditions different from compact snow creating possibilities to skid or slide if you are not careful. Another precaution to take mainly during late spring is the mud on the unpaved roads. You don’t want your vehicle to end up in the shop after getting bogged down in the mud, so keep that in mind!

Enjoy your drive this spring, just be sure to keep in mind the possible hazards and conditions that you can be faced with. If you’re looking for an affordable airport commute from experienced drivers into and out of Summit County or the Vail Valley then book your shuttle ride with Peak 1 Express.