Holiday I-70 Tips and Tricks

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Traveling this winter can be a hassle and not to mention dangerous. When coming up to the well loved mountains you should always prepare for the worst. There are two ways to get up to Summit County and Eagle County. You can either take I-70 or 285. Instead of fighting the weather leave it to the pros! Peak 1 Express can take a lot of worrying off your vacation plate. Once arriving at Denver International Airport we can pick you up and escort you to your vacation destination. Instead of renting a car and struggling with directions and weather conditions, let us worry for you.

forsale If renting a car is something you opt for, keep in mind some key tips to help get you up to the mountains safer. When traveling up I-70 avoid the peak travel times. When heading eastbound Saturday or Sunday from the mountains plan to leave around 7:00pm. Next check the road and traffic conditions before leaving, CDOT is great resource. Chains for your tires in snow are wonderful and can make the drive a lot less scary. Staying in the mountains Sunday night and driving early Monday morning also helps you avoid traffic and congestion. Certain holidays fall on Mondays. Be prepared, you can definitely count on Monday afternoon traffic. On the otherhand, these Monday holidays can make leaving Sunday a breeze.

icon175x175The other way to get from Denver up to the mountains is by taking 285 and avoiding I70. This road will bring you through to the town of Breckenridge and can save you some trouble. Keep in mind if taking 285 it is a one lane highway, so getting stuck behind someone can always be a concern. Highway 285 has been a hidden gem when traveling up to the mountains but just recently has gone public! So if you want to avoid I-70 just remember you can take 285. 

One of the great things about the mountains are their seclusion factor. However, the isolation factor of the mountains can prove for some tricky navigation on mountain roads. When traveling from Denver to the mountains of Breckenridge during the holidays it can be somewhat hectic so hopefully these tips and tricks can make traveling a little less stressful.