Top 5 Winter Driving Tips

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Black ice, strong winds, and white outs are just a few of the things that drivers must deal with during those cold blustery winter months. So how can a person limit the risks of driving in winter’s unpredictable conditions without sacrificing activities and adventures on vacation? Here are our top 5 winter driving tips from Peak 1 Express.

ls (1)Take a Peak 1 Express airport shuttle!

Leave the driving to our experienced and tested drivers and let us drive you from the airport up to your mountain destination. Sit back and relax in one of our 14 passenger Mercedes Sprinter vehicles and enjoy a stress free trip with complimentary WI-FI and water.

Take advantage of Peak1 Express’ hourly car service!

If you are looking to travel from one resort to another or just have safe transportation for a big night out in one of Colorado’s awesome ski towns like Breckenridge or Vail consider hiring a driver and shuttle to worry about driving for you. Nothing can put a bigger damper on a great dinner with friends than looking outside and seeing a massive snow storm you will soon have to drive home in.

Rent a car AFTER you arrive at your mountain destination!

If you feel that you absolutely must have a car during your vacation consider renting a car only after you arrive at your mountain destination of choice. Peak 1 Express offers discounted rates to transfer stations in some of the most popular Rocky Mountain vacation destinations, and there are often car rental companies conveniently located to these. Save yourself the hassle of the long drive up I-70 in inclement weather and construction and rent your car once you arrive.

If renting a car be sure to ask for all the winter accessories!wintercarsafety

If you do plan on renting a car this winter, it is important that the vehicle be compatible with the winter conditions of that area. Ask about 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and especially snow tires! These things may seem small to someone not used to the hazardous winter driving conditions of Colorado but they are necessary to safely navigate the steep icy mountainous roads.

Do a quick safety evaluation every time you go to drive!

Each and every time you hit the road this winter make sure you have the proper tools and safety gear. In addition to a spare tire, jack, and first aid kit consider having boots and a warm blanket on hand for emergencies. Also be sure all fluids are at adequate levels and all lights are functioning as they should. A dark cold and snowy mountain pass is not the time for should haves and would haves.

The best option to stay safe on the roads this winter season is to not drive! If that’s just not an option for you then make sure you are well prepared for any instance that could occur on Colorado’s winter roads.