Tips for Picking the Best Ski Pass for your Family

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Colorado is known for many things including roaring rivers, majestic mountains, and unparalleled beauty. However, the thing that Colorado is most well-known for is SKIING! From as early as October to as late as June, tourists and locals alike flock to the 20 plus ski locations scattered throughout the state. Choosing the perfect ski pass for yourself and your family can be overwhelming, but these tips from your favorite mountain shuttle team should be able to help you in that decision:

Where do you want to ski? Probably one of the more important factors to consider is what mountains do you want to ski? Are you a Summit County local who is content with skiing Breckenridge, Keystone, and A-Basin, then the Summit Value is the perfect match. But if you are a weekend warrior who wants the best of Summit County and then maybe a few days here and there at Vail and Beaver Creek, the Epic Local is your ticket to a great season then! Epic-Pass

How long will you be skiing for?  Do you live in Colorado, or are you just visiting? Depending on how long you are coming to Colorado for, or if you live in Colorado, your ski season may be longer or shorter than others. Think about how many days you want to get in this year. If you are just visiting for a week you may want to consider the Epic 7 or 4 day pass, which gives you 7 or 4 days of skiing with no blackout dates or restrictions, perfect for the family just vacationing. 

Who will you be skiing with? Is the winter ski season a family affair where you will have young kids in tow, or is just going to be you and your buddies looking for some extreme terrain? Depending on who you plan on spending your winters with and what their ability level may be, you may want to pick a pass that includes a family friendly mountain with a lot of greens, such as the Summit Value, or if you are shredding the trees you may want to get a pass that allows you to access some more difficult terrain, such as the Epic. 

Targhee_pow What will you be skiing? Will you be skiing the back bowls, or sticking to the groomers? Depending the terrain you plan on skiing you will  want to get a pass to match that. The good thing about Colorado skiing, whatever the terrain you wish to ski, chances are all the mountains have it, so you really cannot go wrong with  picking a pass!

 When do you plan to ski? Are you planning on skiing during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King weekend ect.) then you will want to make sure your pass  does not have blackout dates when you will be in town skiing. If you want to ski whenever you want, wherever you want, you will want the Epic pass! If you think you can live with not  skiing on or around the holidays the Epic Local will be a perfect match!

 The above are just a few things to consider when buying a season ski pass. However, no matter the pass, one important piece of advice to remember is to buy your season passes early. Passes will generally go on sale in April of the prior ski year. So while you are spring skiing you can already be purchasing next year’s pass to powder. Prices are usually the cheapest in the spring and tend to increase around September, so once you figure out the perfect pass for your family, buy it!