Ski Travel Tips for Large Families to Summit County

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Traveling anywhere with a large family can be an ordeal in itself. When you add in the extra baggage for equipment – and the fact that Summit County ski destinations are approximately 2 hours away from the nearest large airport in Denver – things can get even more confusing and overwhelming. So, here are a few tips for having the best stress free and enjoyable traveling experience possible when traveling with a large crowd.



Tip # 1. Plan in ADVANCE! The winter season is a very busy time in Summit County. Planning in advance can really save you a lot of stress, time, and money. Many early-bird ski deals begin in the early fall. By taking advantage of the discount in booking your trip early, reservationists may also be more willing and able to work with the needs of your large group.



Tip # 2. Use Peak 1 Express airport shuttle services for your transportation from the Denver International Airport to your Summit County Destination! Peak 1 Express will pick up your whole family directly from the airport in one of our 14 person luxurious Mercedes Sprinters.  You, your family, and all your luggage will ride in luxury directly to the door of your destination with unmatched customer service.  Then after your amazing Summit County or Breckenridge vacation, Peak 1 Express will pick everyone back up from your lodging and deliver you safely back to the airport.


Tip # 3. Take some time to adjust! Summit County is relatively high up, and altitude sickness can be common for those who do not take the time to become accustomed to the elevation. The best advice that can be given for avoiding altitude sickness is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Feelings of dizziness, shortness of breath, headache, and nausea that can accompany a drastic change in altitude will put a damper on any Family vacation.


These simple tips will ensure that your and your group have a fantastic winter vacation here in Summit County!