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I’ve not had a chance to ride their shuttle, but please read on….

I reserved Peak 1 for shuttle service to the airport then had to cancel unexpectedly. Crying for having to cancel the entire trip, I called about an hour inside of the 24-hour cancellation policy. Naomi was very patient and understanding, she kindly asked another person if I may be granted a full refund. Their policy is clear, so it wasn’t possible. *However, …

She did explain the good news of what was possible, that I could have a credit, to use anytime within the next year. Wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to fly somewhere again, I thought that was kind. Even better, the credit is transferrable. Thinking of anyone I know that may have dire circumstances arise, this may be a better option, to give the gift of a ride to Denver airport. As traffic can be stressful alone on the I-70 corridor, having Peak 1 eliminate that worry is quite comforting.

Pay it forward, I say.

While I was on hold to cancel the reservation, I used their info bot to ask about the cancellation policy. Thankfully, my phone number was required, and didn’t think anything of it. The bot couldn’t provide the info requested, so I closed out of the chat. A couple of hours later, this darling person called, to answer any questions from the chat! (They have representatives for phone reservations, chat, and email – all assigned to that specific task.) Katie completely understood my dilemma and gently repeated their policy, confirming my email address, so that I may have the credit info all in one place, for convenience. How wonderful to receive options in an extraordinary situation, and without a harsh ‘no’, like some uncaring businesses. But there’s more…

Because I responding to their email, PJ called me a bit after Katie, asking what he could do to help. I was stunned, thinking these folks really and truly care about their passengers and quality customer service. I repeated what I needed, only the info about the above-mentioned credit (I simply figured it took a bit to process an email.) He reassured me, that the email was on the way. Overjoyed from their compassion I asked to speak to a manager, to offer compliments and a couple of suggestions. Quick thinking, I realized that a review could share my experience perfectly and reach many more.

I would absolutely book them again, with or without the upcoming credit, based on this single experience. Peak 1 far exceeded my expectations, and I never left home. Having a brief but similar experience with the airline, words cannot convey the joy and relief I felt, and my heart being lifted out of sadness from having to cancel this trip.

Thank you Katie, PJ and Naomi!