5 Tips for Traveling Safely This Spring in Colorado 2021

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Spring is in the air and will be bringing fantastic sunshine and a few last-minute snowstorms to the state! Starting in March, everyone has an itch to get outside and travel. Whether it is near or far, traveling can be tough during COVID, but with these tips you can safely get to your destination! (All of these ideas are without any regard if a person is vaccinated or not)

Before I get into my thoughts on all of this; I wanted to reiterate Summit County’s regulations surrounding COVID. As of March 10th, Summit County (Silverthorne to Breckenridge to Copper to Frisco) is on level YELLOW. This means that masks are still required, social distancing is highly encouraged, no large groups and most of all establishments are still 50% capacity.

Lake Dillon from an airplane

Car or Airplane

When traveling far, it is always a contemplation on what type of transportation to use. Yes, airplanes have become popular again and airports are still in use but when facing reality; businesses are showing inconsistent regulations. You may be buying a ticket to go to that sunny beach in LA or heading to the mountains to ski but remember you are not the only one wanting to get out. Some companies are focusing on making a profit and getting passengers in their planes without any regard towards social distancing on the plane.

Pro- You get to your destination much faster.

Cons- You are still amongst hundreds of other travels in the terminal which gives you little control of your safety.

Taking the longer route of traveling in a car can be exhilarating, fun, and particularly beautiful in the spring! I personally think more travelers are turning to road trip life again since COVID starting. Before airplanes were commercial, people relied on cars and taking to the open road to see our great nation. A benefit of driving to your destination is having complete control of where you go and the number of people you come into contact with.

Pro- Having a sense of security while traveling and minimal to no contact with other travelers.

Cons- Having to spend more time getting to your destination. Depending on how far your destination is, it may be more expensive to drive. A full tank of gas has shown to be about half of an airplane ticket nowadays since airplane companies are selling cheap tickets.

The tow of Frisco at sunset with a frozen lake Dillon

Grocery Store or Dine Out

Since COVID started a year ago, restaurants and bars certainly took a hit and had to get creative. Grocery stores are here forever but our favorite dive bar and nice restaurants are still struggling to survive. We’ve been waiting so long to get out of the house, go to the brewery with our friends and enjoy the weather! Now’s the time to get out, but wait, what should we do?! When traveling, it’s always a hassle to get groceries, cook and eat in or go out, party and enjoy being in a restaurant.

Restaurants and bars have been facing bankruptcy, minimal paychecks, and growing debt since COVID. It’s always tough to see our friends, favorite breweries, and eateries struggling to survive. We should remember to support local establishments that are still open! One can still enjoy that amazing burger or veggie wrap while being safe. With Colorado’s strict enforcement, tables are socially distanced; you must wear a mask when you’re not sitting and sometimes no standing or sitting at the bar! Thankfully, to-go margaritas are still available! All these alternatives certainly help restaurant employees that give us amazing food and service.

Pro- You’re supporting an industry and preventing closures. You are able to enjoy the food without having to sit inside the restaurant and worry if the establishment is full or not!

Con- You may end up spending more money on food that you have not tried yet and taking a chance on reviews. All that money could be used towards awesome zipline trips or a guided fly-fishing tour!

Buying groceries tends to be the cheapest and healthiest option when traveling. Yes, you’re stepping into the store with many others and facing a large crowd. But you get to have great snacks, make your own entrees, and enjoy your vacation by saving some money. Groceries have helped through the snowstorms, COVID, and has shown its true potential with YouTube videos on how to cook amazing meals for everyone! Another plus, is, nowadays everything is in one spot: food, drinks, utensils and even toilet paper.

Pro- You’re able to spend more time with family are get to create fun memories learning how to cook that fancy Italian dinner. You save more money in the end because cooking at home is always cheaper than eating out.

Con- You won’t be able to try new restaurants in town or support the local dining industry.


Vail hotel with a fire pit and Christmas lights

Airbnb or Hotel

You figured out your destination. Breckenridge! You decided on how you’re getting there. Now it is time to decide where to stay! It is always a tough decision when choosing where to stay for your vacation. There are so many options to choose from besides your distant relative/friend or a nice bougie hotel. Airbnb’s can be more spacious and offer you practical amenities some hotels can’t like a full kitchen and private hot tub. Airbnb’s can be less expensive than a hotel too.

Pro- You have more privacy with an Airbnb and will have more practical amenities. Airbnb’s are often cheaper than hotels.

Con- If there’s a problem with the Airbnb; you may be stuck with the problem as the owners may not be able to fix the issue right away. You are trusting that the owner thoroughly cleaned everything but there is no one there to hold them accountable.

Hotels are working hard to ensure the safety of their guests and their employees. When staying at a hotel, there are high expectations of cleanliness, proper social distancing rules and follow through to provide a nice place for you. Hotels can be extremely expensive and if you’re not prepared for extra expenses, your budget may be askew due to this. Yes, third parties- Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com are amazing but can leave you in the dark with hidden fees or misleading marketing. It is always recommended to book directly with the hotel as they may be able to price match and give you a better room than what you had in mind!

Pro- You’re in a nice room without any worries of anything being broken or not working properly. At a hotel, food is just a call away, you do not have to deal with cleaning up a house and you are generally closer to everything in town.

Con- For staying at a nice hotel, you are paying extra and over half of your vacation budget for a bed and shower essentially. Always remember that a hotel are meant for relaxation, sleep, and rest. It is important to consider how much time you will be spending in the room.

No matter what you chose from the options we mentioned, remember to check on Summit County’s regulations. Colorado is maintaining the regulations and facing the battle against COVID head-on. Peak1 Express and AVA Rafting & Zipline are looking forward to seeing you soon! AVA Rafting & Zipline are hosting zipline trips now. We will always take the COVID regulations seriously to ensure the safety of you and our guides. Should you have any questions about our trips and how our company is adhering to guidelines, please reach out with any questions!