The Guide to a Classic Weekend in Keystone

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Keystone was the first city I ever personally visited in Colorado, and will always hold a special place in my heart. It is such a gorgeous city to visit regardless of the time of year, and offers activities for everyone in your traveling group regardless of age or desired adventure level! Whether you are visiting Colorado to relax and unwind, find adventure and adrenaline, or just to enjoy the beauty that nature in Colorado offers, then Keystone will absolutely be the perfect place for every visitor!

Keystone is an amazing destination for winter sports of all kinds, but visiting the mountains doesn’t always have to be about skiing and snowboarding (though those are both wonderful activities that I encourage everyone to participate in). When the snow melts and the mountains are green then there are still plenty of options for an amazing mountain adventure! Keystone has one of the most rad mountain bike parks around! I’m not personally a biker (bad knees), but my boyfriend will literally drool over Keystone’s bike park. Down the road from the mountain lies the Keystone Golf Courses. Keystone offers two course options: the Ranch course and the River course. Both are equally gorgeous, and are the perfect destination for both the avid golfer/course connoisseur and the travel buddy/bored girlfriend who may not be super into golf, but can still enjoy the amazing views!

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There are also plenty of other adventure activities for those of us that love to stay active and seek adrenaline during our vacations such as the following:

Anything that gets you outside! Its Colorado, the backdrop is amazing regardless of the activity!

Adventuring is amazing and is no doubt my favorite portion of basically any trip I go on, but even I can greatly appreciate a little bit of rest and relaxation added into my vacation! Keystone is in no shortage of places and ways to relax! The Keystone Spa and Salon is a place that dreams are literally made of! I can’t imagine leaving there and not having fond dreams of the spring NuBody Microcurrent treatment or detoxifying scrub. Whether you’re recovering from hiking, or filling your time while the more adventurous members of your traveling party exert their energy, then relaxing and being pampered in the Keystone Spa and Salon sounds like the perfect addition to anyone’s Keystone vacation. There are also plenty of opportunities for meditation and yoga. Where can you find a more serene location to meditate than the majesty of the fall leaves changing in the Rocky Mountains? If you opt to stay directly at the resort in Keystone, then you have access to relax by the pool and enjoy happy hour, or take advantage of Studio K, and fit some yoga into your trip!

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Regardless of the time of year or desired adventure level, Keystone is the ideal destination for every member of your traveling party! The mountains are a magical place to visit no matter which city you visit, but Keystone has an extra boost of special that just really always blows me away! It can be a little less crowded than some of the bigger ski towns, and has that cozy mountain town vibe that makes you feel like your wrapped in a blanket or living inside of a snowglobe the entire time you’re there. So adventurers and relaxation seekers alike, I invite you to come and enjoy a classic weekend in one of my personal favorite destinations: Keystone, CO!