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As tourism and the number of people moving to Breckenridge continues to increase, public parking in town has become a hot topic. To deal with the parking problem, the Town of Breckenridge has been hard at work to come up with reasonable solutions.  Some of the solutions have included a combination of free parking, paid parking and the newest addition: building a parking garage.

Parking Garage

Providing more parking for residents and tourists is an ongoing project, but starting in spring of 2018, the Town of Breckenridge hopes to begin building a parking structure in the Tiger Dredge and F Lots to provide between 600 and 700 new parking spaces. The parking garage has been in the works for about a year now, but designing the structure has proven to be a challenge because of the limited space and wide variety of needs that the parking structure must meet. Originally, there were twenty designs being considered, but the committee narrowed it down to three. The final product will be a mixture of the three and town officials are excited for the new addition in an attempt to limit the parking issues in Breckenridge.

Paid Parking

Paid parking can be found all throughout Breckenridge from designated parking lots such as Tiger Dredge, the North and South Gondola lots, Gold Rush and Beaver Run.  The main streets that run through downtown (Park on the west side, Main Street, and Ridge and French on the east side) have kiosks where you can pay for hourly parking along the street.  Insider tip: get the Passport Parking app on your phone and pay through there.  You can extend your parking time directly from your phone if you happen to be running around town longer than you thought. Rates fluctuate depending on the time of year and zone you are parked in, but generally one to three hours will cost you between fifty cents and five dollars, with the daily maximum fee being twelve dollars in the larger lots.

Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado

Free Parking

Free parking for the entire day is available at the Satellite, Gondola South (only during the summer) and Ice Rink parking lots.  After 3pm, free parking is available in the Tiger Dredge, Wellington, East Sawmill, and Klack Placer lots. Overnight parking is available at one location, the Satellite lot off of Airport Road, but it will cost you five dollars a night with a fourteen-night maximum stay. Space is limited during peak season, so it’s suggested that you plan ahead.


Make sure to read all signage posted on town streets and parking lots because parking is not allowed unless specifically posted.  The Breckenridge Parking Attendants are on top of their game and you will get a ticket if you don’t follow the rules.  The best advice we can give on parking in Breckenridge is keep up to date with the current parking restrictions, or book with Peak 1 Express and take advantage of the town’s free bus system when visiting.  We have plenty of options for transportation up to Breckenridge, and you’ll take a lot of a lot of stress off of your shoulders by not having a car to worry about here.


*Featured image courtesy of Breckenridge Blog.