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marriage-918864_1280Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when the wedding you are planning is not in the same state or even country. Destination weddings can be a truly special experience for everyone attending as it is the perfect mix of vacation and support for the wedding couple. Destination weddings have been growing in popularity over the past ten years and have gotten slightly easier to accomplish but still have their difficulties. To help ease the process of setting up your perfect day here are a couple helpful tips to keep your hair from turning grey. 

Picking the location is the first item you will want to take care of, in order to pick the perfect location you will want to visit before hand. Set aside a week or weekend to actually check out the town or city you are planning on for your wedding to avoid any unforeseen issues. You will want to find out what the climate is like during the season of your wedding in addition to vetting potential vendors. The next order of business will be picking your local wedding planner, you will want to pick a local expert and lay your trust with them. Local experts will know what venues and vendors fit your price range as well as which will offer the most cohesive service for what you are looking for. This may panic some who like to micro manage but trusting your planner will end up benefiting you in the end as it will help narrow your options so you can hand pick your favorites.  

bride-and-groom-768594_1280Destination weddings are the major leagues in the wedding industry as there are so many different factors both in and out of your control. Make sure you take ample time to make these arrangements, plan a year in advance, plan two years in advance. Have a great summer and hopefully we will see you in the mountains soon!