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DSC_1298It is beginning to be that time of year where the glistening snow is melting and the winter activities are slowly coming to an end.  This marks that quiet period in between winter and summer and what we locals refer to as “Mud Season”. A lot of people head out of town and Main Street becomes a ghost town but if you happen to be hanging around here at this time, no need to worry! Now you do not have to fight the crowds and there are still tons of things to do while waiting for summer time to roll around!  

Whitewater Rafting: 

Rafting season is right around the corner! After a big winter, the snowpack is looking pretty good for a great season on the river! Starting April 30th AVA starts loading boats into the Arkansas River and Clear Creek while the Colorado River will have rafting trips starting May 13th. If you are questionable about the cold water, there is NO need to be concerned! AVA provides everyone with a wetsuit, splash jacket, life preserver and of course a helmet! Trips are beginning to fill up, so do not wait too long to book that trip! 

Cliffside & Mountaintop Zip Lining: 

Now get ready to test your boundaries as you zip down the cliffside and fly through the treetops at one of our two challenging and engaging zip line courses. Check out Colorado Zip Line and book your next aerial adventure today! 

Spring Skiing at Arapahoe Basin: 

If your appetite is still wet for some fresh powder then look no further than the legend itself, Arapahoe Basin. Come experience some fun, park at the beach and head up the hill to get some turns in until early June!  Bring your sunscreen! 


fly-fishing-925142_1280It is a great time of year to get out your fly rod and fishing poles! With the water warming up and the fish getting hungry, fishing is a fantastic activity for mud season. If you are interested in a guided fly fishing trip, visit Colorado Fly Fishing. Come experience the serenity and solitude of fly fishing in the wild rivers of the Rocky Mountains! 

Now that you’ve beaten the blues and upped the ante of “mud Season”, it’s time to get yourself in gear. Whether it’s taming the whitewater, tempting fate in the sky or just telling some “Real Life “ fish stories, you now have something to keep your winter buzz alive and be ahead of the pack in preparing for an amazing summer! PS-it’s mud season bring 2 pairs of shoes!