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jeep-833206_1280One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when planning a vacation is “how do I get there?” From booking a flight, buying a train ticket, renting a car or taking a shuttle ride there are many options. Driving around in a rental car can be an enjoyable and convenient experience, but here are the questions to ask yourself before renting a car:

Have I gotten a traffic ticket recently?
Your driving record is an important aspect of renting a car because even the smallest traffic violation, like a seat belt ticket, could disqualify you from renting a car. Ask a car rental company in advance whether they will check your driving record.

Image Credit: www.unofficialnetworks.com
Image Credit: www.unofficialnetworks.com

Who will drive?
If you’re driving with someone else, make sure whoever is driving is added to the car company’s drivers list. Be aware that adding additional drivers can cost extra.

Would I want my car rental to be insured?
Renting a car will always lead to whether you want to rent car insurance to protect yourself financially in the event you wreck the rental car. An industry secret: if you already have car insurance that includes comprehensive and collision coverage and are using the rental car for personal use, the rental car is already covered. Another option is to check with your credit card company about additional rental car coverage they might provide.

Denver International Airport Terminal 1Where are am I picking up my car rental?
If you can’t remember the last time you got a deal at the airport, that makes two of us. Prices at the airport are always inflated and that includes car rental prices. Many airport car rental locations add additional fees to increase the cost of renting a car. While renting at the airport is super convenient if you’re catching a flight, looking at car rental companies outside of the airport parameters could cut costs.

Can my wallet handle the hidden costs?
Beyond car insurance, additional drivers, and car rental location fees, rental cars are expected to be returned with a tank of gas at least half-way full otherwise you face additional charges. Many car companies will charge your credit or debit card with an authorization hold which essentially allows the company to reserve, or hold, at least $300 of your funds to account for any additional fees that might be incurred when you return the vehicle. Unused money from the hold will be returned by the company to the card but this isn’t always instant; returned funds to debit cards can sometimes take longer than seven business days.

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