How to get around Summit County without a Car

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Surprisingly, a lot of people do not even know how to get around without a car when they are travelling. They’d rather go through hoops and spend extra money for gas and rental car. In an area where everything is so accessible, why go through the hassle of dealing with a rental car? Here is the lowdown on how to get around Summit County without a car.

 Sprinter Peak 1.1The first portal to Colorado is Denver International Airport. Once you arrive, let Peak 1 Express take you to your final destination in Summit County. Whether it is Keystone, Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge, or Copper Mountain, Peak 1 can get you there! You can get dropped off at the main Transportation Center in the towns, or at an exact address.

Another great option to get around is on bike. There are designated bike paths all over the county; some portions stretch to nearby counties. Since living in Colorado is all about being outside and soaking up the sun, why not try to get around and be productive to your health at the same time. Mopett is a new toy if you want to cruise without breaking a sweat but still able to weave around._94E2586

If moving between towns, the Summit Stage is a great resource. With frequent departures and in town stops you can get from Frisco to Silverthorne and back no problem!

All the towns mentioned above in the county are totally navigable by foot. Realistically, if you have a car, you might be spending most of your vacation time looking for a parking spot. Ironically, it is almost harder to find a parking spot than gold in these old mining towns! Strolling around the mountain town on foot is the best way to benefit from your trip.

Traveling can be stressful. Take the hassle out of traveling by using any of the above methods of transportation!

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