5 Mountain Wedding Planning Tips

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What better place to say  “I do” than surrounded by massive peaks and pristine mountain scenery? At Peak 1 Express we certainly can’t think of a better place to profess our love than in the very mountainous environments we love so much. However, planning the logistics of a mountain wedding, or any wedding for that matter, can prove to be complicated. If planning a mountain wedding take a look at these 5 mountain wedding planning tips!

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  1. While we love the mountains, the weather patterns that often encompass them can be quite fickle. If planning a mountain wedding, especially an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a “rain plan.” Know exactly where the rehearsal will be set up, where guests will go, and anything else you think of that could be affected by rain. It never hurts to have a backup plan.
  2. When purchasing a wedding dress consider the environment. If saying “I do” in a big grassy field do you really want an eight foot train behind you dragging in the dirt? While you may only wear your dress for this one day, there is no reason to subject it to grass stains! Pick a dress appropriately to the environment of where you will be walking down the aisle.
  3. You’re getting married on a mountain, now how do you get all your guests there? Arrange wedding transportation from the hotel to the mountain for your guests. That way they do not have to worry about driving unfamiliar mountain roads and drinking and driving. Here is a handy wedding transportation request form to help you out. 
  4. While you and your fiance may have been calling the mountains home for the last seven years, your guests have not. Factor in the altitude with your guests. If many of them are coming from sea level, it might not be the best for them to get down on the dance floor at an elevation of 11,000ft in Breckenridge. Help your guests adjust to the altitude by having water readily accessible and enough food to help combat the perils of drinking at such a high elevation.
  5. If set on having an outdoor wedding and the weather holds, make sure you have sunscreen for your guests and shaded area for the reception. Being at such a high elevation you are that much closer to the sun, and boy is it strong! You don’t want your bridesmaids turning beet red, so help combat sunburns with having sunscreen available for your guests.

Mountain weddings are unique and truly allow couples to put their own special touches and personalize their reception. At the same time, they also present problems that are not exactly traditional to normal weddings in a hotel. The 5 tips mentioned above are not commonly thought of, but will dramatically help your reception run swimmingly.